Baby G is 6-Month +

This is a very back dated post!



Little Princess turned 6-month old on June the 2nd and since we were in KL, I have very limited time to be online… more like no chance of being dedicated in front of the PC! It is really impossible to sit there quietly! The kids will be turning the house upside down and even there were 3 adults most of the time, the 3 kiddos over-powered all 3 of us!

Did not take her to the clinic to take her weight and height (too lazy) so no updates on these two info.

I have been waiting for this lil’ girl to reach this stage/phase where I can start her on solid. I was so eager initially but after the food poisoning scare, I was more careful and turned a little laid back… somehow. I told myself, there is no need to be in the hurry… she has all her life to taste all the good food the world got to offer!



When I was in KL, I bought a box of Stage 1 NestlΓ© Cerelac (rice + cranberries flavor) for her to try. I think it was a little sweet so she was kinda happy the first 2 feeds I gave her. On the third day (the day we returned to Penang) I saw the side of her mouth started to flare up and right away I suspected it was allergy. Could she be allergic to the cereal? I really have no idea. I quickly applied some allergy relief cream given by our GP and the red patches were gone after 2 days. I stopped her from having the cereal for another 2 days.

She has been refusing the cereal the past 2 days now so I am wondering why? It tasted quite ok to me (yes! I finally tasted it out of curiosity!) πŸ˜€ so I really don’t know what is the reason she is rejecting it. Then I opened another box of organic gluten free rice cereal and she rejected that too! I tasted it and it was really bland so I might have to add some puree to entice her to eat. I scraped some apples for her yesterday and she seems to be liking it so I might try to puree more fruits for her later on. I cooked some porridge for her this morning and will fed her later… she don’t like it! 😦 The only thing she likes is the rice based baby bites…

So, what is the little Missy is capable of doing now?

She can turn on her left and right now so she is capable of doing gymnastic on the bed! A few days ago she was so happy rolling about that she fell off the bed! 😐

Her back bone is more firm and steady now so she can hold her body up when we carry her. And talking about carrying… she is one sticky koala!!!! I don’t know if this has to do with teething (which was what some mommies thought!) but her stickiness really scare the wits out of us! She can’t be left alone for a minute! The moment we lay her down on a flat surface she will scream her lungs out!



She loves her bathing sessions very much. Each time I will ask her to open her mouth and she knows it and will smile and open it for me. Then I told her to ‘aaaahhhhh’ (so I can clean her tongue) and she will stick her tongue out! When I am done, I will leave her play in the tub for a while and will ask her to ‘kick-kick’ which she responded by kicking both her feet (like a little froggy!). πŸ˜€

Since she is not so into her cereal, Mama’s milk is still her No.1 choice. Till now I have no idea how much she is consuming as she normally emptied both sides in a 2-2.5 hours frequency. For that, I am so sleep deprive now since she wakes up for feed so frequent! So, is she getting enough? You be the judge…



I think I ate too much crabs and cuttlefish when I was pregger with her so ah this little bud has ‘many hands’! Fast action one some more! She knows how to grab things in lightning speed now. The moment she got the things, first it will go to her mouth!

She is a late bloomer I think… till today she is still not able to sit unsupported. I tried leaving her sitting by herself but within a few seconds she will falls. She does not know how to use her hands to support herself till now.

She started to recognize faces a few weeks back. When my parents tried to carry her when we first arrived in KL earlier she pouted her lips and cried so loudly! Her cries shocked my dad… πŸ˜› She only warmed up after a few hours but she is still very particular at who is carrying her. However, she loves her daddy to ‘hang’ her with the baby carrier. She will not make any noise when she is in the carrier. She can even sleep in there! It was really $$$ well spent getting this expensive Baby Bjorn carrier!



At times she can be left alone more than 5 minutes playing in the activity centre but lately she has been a little clingy… due to teething perhaps? I have no idea too since I can’t really spot any of her pearly whites yet.



One one point of time, she loves to play peek-a-boo with us. Darrius got so excited when he saw me playing it with Baby G and he went on to play with his sister when we are not watching. This girl can let out an infectious laughter when she is amused so we just love to make her laugh! She loves to play with her kor-kor too and I noticed that sometimes she will tried to ‘invite’ her kor-kor to play with her by mumbling some gibberish words.




We also noticed that she loves to talk! A little ‘chi-cha-mui’ (chatterbox) we have here! One time, when my mom was carrying her, she ‘talked’ to my mom in her own language. All her ‘wee-wee-where-where’ was so darn cute! πŸ˜€ And she spoke her 1st word a few days ago… a very strong word too! πŸ˜†

Previously she hates to sit in the car seat but lately (after our Melbourne trip) she seems to be happy to be in it. Probably she knew that she will be going kai-kai if she sits in there! And while she is in there she loves doing one thing…



Yeah… sucking her toes! Toes are yummy!!! πŸ˜›


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0 Responses to Baby G is 6-Month +

  1. Yeapies says:

    eh, I heard ppl said when yr lil one starts to suck toes, means a di-di or mei-mei is otw ler… ehehehe…
    about the rice + cranberries thing. Baby Jo had the same problem too and her “reaction” was almost instant. So I threw the whole new packet away and never dare to give her anymore since then. We started her with plain rice cereal with mama milk (I used warmed bm to mix), then slowly add-in fruits puree then veg flavor, then chicken… now she has 1 cod/salmon porridge meal plus 1 chicken/pork porridge meal per day. Yeah, “expensive baby”.. pokkai d…

    • Angeleyes says:

      Aiyer! I don’t want another baby lioa!!!!
      So sayang to throw away so maybe I will feed Darrius hehehehe

      I think Baby G will be another expensive baby too as she has very sensitive skin!

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Aaahhh baby G so cute!!! Take your time with solids. Bradley didn’t start liking anything put into his mouth until he was like 8-9 months. He also couldn’t sit unsupported till he was 9months. Enjoy those baby moments πŸ™‚

    • Angeleyes says:

      Wah… I did not know Prince #3 took so long to sit unsupported! Guess I should not be too concern over that πŸ™‚

  3. leeyen says:

    yeah, nestle fruit cereal is soooo sweet! but the mix veggie one is ok! anyway, i prefer the organic ones lah though they are expensive! wow! u let her sit in the tub alone? my man did that and got told off by me severely! it’s slippery lah man! keke! well, i found that our gals are more active than the boys (i meant S and Darrius)! dont u think so?

    • Angeleyes says:

      I will try with the porridge medley soon… now still very bz with the blog upgrading hehehehe This girl is not so keen on food as I thought… she is more keen to snack rather than have full meal!!!!! She inherited mommy’s bad habits!

      Darrius was quite a good baby but he turned into a monster the moment he knew how to walk!

  4. jacss says:

    haiya…so the cute cute cute lar πŸ˜€
    i realised i will miss a baby if i met him/her in person….geee πŸ˜›
    the chunky thigh proved that mama milk was doing good job lar
    and that diaper is nice !!
    and the sucking toe….omg, LOL …. wonder mine will do that or not?
    lately i’ve seen him lifting & resting his feet up on the stroller bar at the front, haiyor

    • Angeleyes says:

      Take her as your God-daughter lor! kekekkkeek

      Baby also likes to rest her feet on the stroller’s bar! I guess all babies like doing that!

  5. wen says:

    yoh! she is so cute and pretty la!!!

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