Father’s Day @ Chicago Rib House

Happy Father’s Day to all Fathers out there!!!

This year we celebrated Father’s Day 2 days earlier. Why? PiggyBeng dislikes crowds so we have to do it before the actual day. Had it on last Friday.

Last year, due to my morning sickness, we did not get to celebrate both Mother’s and Father’s Days therefore this year I tried to have the celebrations… not in style but for memory sick! Well, I flew back from Melbourne to Penang on Mother’s Day… so kinda memorable rite? 😀

For this Father’s Day (5th year for PiggyBeng) we went to the newest western restaurant in Gurney Plaza – Chicago Rib House. Apparently this restaurant used to be in Auto City on the mainland before they rolled their carpets a few months back! Well, good that they are on the island now! So happy to have more non-halal Western restaurants here! 🙂


So, what did we have?



Their flame grilled St. Louise Pork Ribs was damn good! I had half rack as I was not that hungry that evening. It came with 2 side dish so I chose their fresh vegetable (broccoli) and mash potato. It was a good choice! Half rack is RM30.90 and full rack is RM40.90 I think! So, best to order full rack and share!



PiggyBeng had their 1/2 BBQ Chicken (half a bird leh!) which tasted not too bad either! He had fries and coleslaw for his sides. The fries were tasty but the coleslaw looked a little pathetic… I did not taste it so no comment on it!

After surveying their menu, their pricing was not that bad either. Quite reasonable. There are a few more items which I hope to try in the next few visits.

The only thing that was not too attractive as compared to our regular hunt (Chili’s) was that kids don’t get to eat free everyday! Kids eat free only on Monday to Wednesday… and non on school holidays. Unlike Chili’s, kids eat for free 365 days a year which is why they are still the best family restaurant in my opinion. Also, they were out of crayons when we were there and Darrius was kinda disappointed since he can’t have any crayons to ‘conteng’ (scribble) on the activity sheet which was given to him.


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0 Responses to Father’s Day @ Chicago Rib House

  1. 2ma says:

    i see a new blog template here. nice wor!

  2. jacss says:

    hey, we had the same pork ribs too & we had full rack…yes very delicious indeed 😀
    price also reasonable…. hey being away fr home means holiday so no need blog lar, hehe

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