Back and still lazy to blog

10 days flew by in a blink of the eye and our KL trip ended on Monday afternoon when we drove back after PiggyBeng woke up from his sleep. He has very serious jet lag this round as he flew with a different airline with a different route. He did not sleep well for the past 3 nights since he returned from Brazil on Sunday afternoon.

We were supposed to drive back around 10am but PiggyBeng did not have enough sleep due to Baby G’s crankiness the night before. Yeah, she has been really cranky the past weeks! I hardly get much sleep too! Therefore, we missed the lunch hour when we arrived in Ipoh and did not get to savor my favorite noodles…. luckily I bought some burgers from the Sg. Buloh highway bridge which managed to fill me up till we reached Penang.

This round in KL I went out almost every other day. The only day I stayed home was on Wednesday as I was down with diarrhea… probably from the sashimi in Shogun! ๐Ÿ˜›

Managed to meet up with some old school friends and some blogger mommies too and had good catch up sessions.

Now I am wondering when we will get to go for another trip again after this. Been toying with the idea of going for another beach vacation on the island again when Baby G can sit unsupported. I saw from a friend’s FB’s account that she went to this resort withย atv racing which I have been wanting to try for a long time!

Will go hint-hint to PiggyBeng later after he has settled his work… ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. Come KL again we go eat famous Hokkien mee and lala… ๐Ÿ™‚

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