Sonja Morgan arrested for DUI

Sonja Morgan, the star and apparently a new entrant in the reality TV show Real Housewives of New York, was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. Reportedly, Sonja Morgan was driving in Long Island, New York where she failed to stop at a Stop Sign.

According to a report from New York Post, the Real Housewives, the 46 year old star was asked to pull over just after 2:00 AM. Sonja Morgan also refused to take a breathalyzer test and was charged and arrested for DUI in the State of New York. After running a Stop Sign at First Neck Lane, the celebrity was taken into custody by the police and Morgan later filed a sobriety test.

Sonja Morgan was driving her BMW early morning when she was arrested on Memorial Day, May 31st, at 2:16 AM and was arraigned the following day. Morgan’s DUI was a misdemeanor which basically means a much lesser criminal act than others and are punished much less severely than other criminal actions. The police officer who asked Morgan to pull over also stated that Morgan was speeding and swerving before she failed to stop at the Stop Sign in Long Island. According to the same report, Miss Morgan was driving home from the Hamptons in her 2006 BMW when the arrest took place.

DUI which means Driving Under the Influence requires you to take a breathalyzer test when you are asked by a police officer. Although, you may not take the Field Sobriety Test, the breathalyzer is usually mandatory and not taking the test definitely means that you’ll be charged with a DUI and in court, this refusal may be taken as a confession of being drunk. Allegedly, Miss Morgan refused to take both the breathalyzer test as well as the Field Sobriety Tests so the police officer had no choice but to arrest her for further questioning.

Miss Morgan also received certain other minor charges including driving without a seat belt. The legal representative for Miss Morgan, Edward Burke has claimed that he will send forth a forceful case for her exoneration and will defend her. Morgan is into her first season at Real Housewives and she also claims to be working on a screenplay of a film similar to the work of Candace Bushwell who is the person behind the Carrie Bradshaw from the TV show, Sex and the City. Morgan is also the ex-wife of John Morgan who is one of the heirs of the famous J.P Morgan. Before she married John Morgan, Sonja had been a restaurant hostess.

Miss Morgan has also been involved in the film industry briefly before she got sued by the production company in California that claimed that Morgan backed out of a funding commitment after being served with divorce papers. The bad press for Morgan on her DUI will not affect her job as NBC states that they don’t comment on the personal lives of their talent.

Miss Morgan’s next appointment with the courthouse will be on June 20 at the Southampton Village Court.


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