AUS$ going up and down!

If you’re monitoring the Australian dollars lately, it was volleying up and down and went down to as low as USD$0.81 to AUD$1 or RM2.75! The time when we first changed back in September 2009, we are paying almost as high as RM3.10 to AUD$1! 30 cents difference is a lot if you are changing a few thousand dollars!

Though I am not buying any AUD$ at the moment but PiggyBeng’s aunt is as she has two daughters who are still studying in Australia. Therefore, we often exchange information about the latest currency exchange news.

Previously, it used to be very interesting if you are investing in gold or buy gold coins but of late, the thrill in investing into foreign currencies has sort of picked up and getting more exciting! If you have money parked away, why not make some quick bucks by investing them?!


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