Baby G down with diarrhea

Remember about those baby food which I bought from Melbourne? Initially, I was quite hesitated to give to Baby G despite some of the packaging said they are suitable for four months and above. However, seeing that she is so interested at looking at us eating and salivating all the time, I gave in and opened one of the pack and fed her.

The packet I gave her was the banana+mango+pear puree. I tasted it myself and found that it was kinda sweet but the packaging said everything are pure fruits and nothing else. So, I guessed those are natural sweetness of the fruits.

The first two times I fed her (about 1 tablespoon) she was quite alright. Nothing happened. Therefore, the third time, I increased to 2 tablespoons. Once she finished, I gave her some water to wash off those sweetness in her mouth. I carried her and she puke them all out!

I did not think further after that incident. She pooed before I bathed her and still it did not occurred to me that something was wrong as she did pooed in the morning! Then night came and she was a little cranky and refused to sleep until about 10-ish. Around 2am, she woke up crying so I offered her some milk. She did not drink that much and continued to wail. She continued to cry for almost an hour so after PiggyBeng woke up, he hold her for a while but she still crying and very cranky. Then the puking started with 15 minutes interval.

She was wailing away like in labor! The cries were rather unusual!!! She was curling up most of the time. I thought she was having gum ache as she could be teething… so I offered her my finger wrapped with a hanky. She bite on it but the cries continue. I got a little stressed up by then. Even when we are in the aircon room, I can feel the heat and I was sweating like as if I have been running on the treadmills!

Dear PiggyBeng can still fall back to sleep despite the little girl crying every few minutes! Then at about 6am. She cried louder so I tried giving her some milk thinking that she could be hungry after all the puking earlier. She only suckle for a while and stopped but continue to cry!

So, I have to carry her in my arms and rock her to sleep. PiggyBeng woke up by now and told me that he will take over so I passed Baby G to him and brought those nappies filled with her pukes to wash. When I went up, PiggyBeng told me she puked again and this time it wet the bed sheet! *sigh*

It was Vesak Day yesterday so our paed would not be in so we brought her to our family GP. He told us that she might have food poisoning hence the ache in her tummy. HE prescribed some medicine and after taking them, Baby G was ok…


It was a scary experience! Guess I’ll hold on to those food for now as I think her digestive system is not completely mature yet.


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0 Responses to Baby G down with diarrhea

  1. VivianZ says:

    Which is true… i only let Leah starts on solid when she hit 6 months old. And i started her on rice cereal. at 7 months only i started her on baby food puree. And I realised she only like 1 of them, tuna + rice puree from the same brand u bought. She is having loose stool this few days due to teething, so I stop again…

  2. michelle says:

    Yeah it is safer to start with rice cereal first. Fruit puree only come much much later. Some babies tummies are more sensitive.

  3. Agnes Loke says:

    Glad to know she is ok by now.

  4. wen says:

    is probably the mango and banana. not fresh perhaps.. good to know that she is ok now

  5. Paik Ling says:

    Luckily she wasn’t dehydrated. Infants falling ill is quite scary. Even with Brad, I stopped his pumpkin intake for 2- 3 weeks as his stool was watery. Their guts still immature.

  6. a-moms-diary says:

    I also had Yan Yan puked all over me twice over the last week. She has croup and when she coughed after nursing, she vomited all the milk out 😦

  7. KittyCat says:

    I can’t stand puking be it in adults, kids or babies. That’s why I’m VERY PARANOID about every morsel that goes into our mouths esp after our food poisoning episode during Labour’s Day.

    All the Mums have said it – rice cereal first. 3 fruits combo should only be given at the 8th month.

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