Meaningful gift for Lil’ Princess

If you know me well, I have always wanted something unique for lil’ Glennedine. Well, in fact I got just that a couple of days ago… in the mail…


Finally, I received this beautiful sterling silver name necklace personalized with her ‘pet’ name on it together with a 14″ chain. It came all the way from the US but it was actually made in Jerrusalem, Isreal! How special and unique is that??? This is indeed the most meaningful and unique gift for the Lil’ Princess thus far! What is more,  it was so nicely done that I thought to get one for myself too! Do you know that it is hand-made too?

WOW! Imports is the maker of this beautiful and chic name necklace. There are many styles that you can choose from and the one I got for Glennedine is categorized as ‘Angelina’. Besides that, if you like yours to sparkle, you can always  add in a Swarovski crystal on the pendant! Cool right??? You can also choose the length of the chain from 14″ to 20″ and the types depending on your preference. They offered box, figaro, as well as beaded chains too.

WOW! Import is offering free shipping too to almost everywhere in the world now so better take advantage of this offer!

As Glennedine is still unable to sit up unsupported yet, I’ll keep this chain till she do… probably when she celebrate her 1st birthday.

If you have no idea what to buy for your someone special’s birthday, maybe you can get him/her a name necklace instead! 😀


Disclosure : This necklace was given to me by WOW! Imports as part of my participation in the Parent Reviewers blog tour. All opinions and expressions in this post are purely mine.


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  1. jazzmint says:

    nice!! i like it too

  2. chinnee says:

    a very meaningful gift indeed!

    chinnees last blog post..502 Bad GatewaynThe server returned an invalid or incomplete response.nn

  3. Chew Lee says:

    eh… Alice, how to join this parent reviewer ??

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