Counting down to her food trails…

In approximately 2 weeks, Baby G will start her solid journey! This is what we (well, more like only me!) have been waiting for! 😀 Though she can’t sit unsupported yet but she can sit with support now which is still good news since she can sit on the high chair!

On the week before we went to Melbourne, she has officially claimed her kor-kor’s high chair as hers!




Now that she can be on the high chair, the only missing thing is her ‘food‘!

Well, though I was pretty excited about the next milestone but I thought I’ll just be patient and wait till she turned 6-month officially before offering her anything other than milk. However, when desperation was in question, we did on one occasion offered her a biscuit stick to keep her quiet when we were having lunch in Melbourne. The verdict? Lil’ Princess proved to us that she is ALL READY to bite and chew! 😀

So, without much hesitation, this eager beaver mommy went on a shopping spree at the local supermarket and took everything she saw as ‘appropriate’ into the shopping basket!




Then upon our arrival home, the thought of giving her anything foreign other than milk so soon is still not a very good idea and felt I should just wait till she turns 6-month… at least that is the ‘approved’ age for going solid. If you noticed, the smaller packets are suitable for 4 months old but I still prefer to start offering them to Baby G when she is 6-month old.

I wonder if she will spit out or give me the ‘what the hell is that mama??’ look when I feed these packet food to her… 😆

Now is just the waiting game… counting down to the day she will turn 6-month! 😀


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0 Responses to Counting down to her food trails…

  1. Paik Ling says:

    I can feel your excitement!

  2. Leeyen says:

    Haiti Alic, it’s ok to start a little bit earlier! Once or
    twice a week is ok for her age! I already started making vegie n fruits purée for M!

  3. Leeyen says:

    I meant haiyo Alice. It was typing error on the previous comment! Typing on touch screen mar! So difficult!

  4. Marie says:

    Alice, a good friend of mine brought back 2 packs of 4-months puree. I was so excited, by looking at the packet I can see that is really yummy. However, I was too occupied with home made food that i neglected the commercial ones. Once I took it out n let Isaac eat, he wanted to vomit and spitted it out. Now left another packet, i’ll see when is the right time to let isaac take it. My baby likes bland food. 😦

  5. Leona says:

    Yah its very exciting when baby begins this new milestone…
    exciting more for the Mummy! haha! 🙂

  6. KittyCat says:

    Mine started already and she seems to like the Heinz Organic Brown Rice cereal although we feel it’s a bit ‘heaty’ as she drinks A LOT of water after that. Been pureeing fruits and veges for her.

    She’s started on the teething rusks already and makes such a mess!!!

    She looks like a real dirty monkey, even worse than the kor-kor LOL I think I have a tomboy 😛

    BabyG looks really sweet in this pic!

  7. jacss says:

    i’m counting my days too….like u i already started him on banana puree that i bot for 4mths baby. but soon he caught some coughing bugs & developed phelgm & hubs blamed my banana. so had stopped for d moment.
    how i wish we can hv access to those food u got home fr aust, hor

    • Angeleyes says:

      I got a lot of advices that we (Asians) can’t take cold stuff like the Ang-moh’s babies coz of our diets. Banana, mangoes and a few other fruits are considered ‘cold’ lor so cannot offer to them too early. That’s why I am going slow now. Since she is taking the porridge, I am not so worried any more. And she started to like dragon fruit so I’m done! hehehehe

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