Melbourne 2010 – Part 1

We have been anticipating for our Melbourne trip the day we bought the tickets (in early March) and now we are already back in Penang for a week. Time flies!!!! Good times always goes in a hurry hor? *sigh* Anyway, there will always be good times coming…. (pssst – we are going to KL for a week early next month…. any makan-makan gatherings????) 😀

Ok, back to the Melbourne trip.



Giant Chupa Chups – YUM!


We flew off on 30th of April to Singapore via SilkAir since SIA do not ply the SIN-PEN route any more (therefore, they also stopped the Kris-Flyer lounge service in Penang Airport). It was a A320 so it was a little shaky… for Darrius which made him giddy and he puked mid-way! Tsk…tsk… That boy did not eat much but took some cola prior to the flight… so that was the consequences!



 Feeding Baby G during take off



 In Terminal 3, Singapore airport


We arrived in Singapore shortly after 6pm so we move to T3 to board our flight on the mega A380 to Melbourne which will take off around 9pm. Before we board our plane, we popped by the T3 Kris Flyer lounge for some snack as we knew Darrius will be too busy playing with the in flight entertainment once the plane takes off and refusing to eat anything… which we were so right about!!!



 This is how and where Baby G slept!


We were amazed by how well Baby G performed the entire journey since this was her maiden flight. She was such a good girl sleeping most of the time during the flights (8 hours in total) and hardly cry or gave us any problems. Darrius on the other hand – a total let down! He refused to eat and sleep but made lots of noise and puked a few times! Boys!

It was about 6am when we touched down in Melbourne Tullamarine airport. It took us more than an hour to get out coz PiggyBeng misplaced his mobile phone!!! Luckily the wait at the custom was not too bad since most people have already gone through by the time we reached the counter. It was a breeze since there isn’t any more queues.

Next, we went to collect our car from AVIS where PiggyBeng booked his ‘preferred’ car for the week. It was a Toyota Prius which he paid AU$750 for 8 days. The deal – unlimited mileage… but petrol ‘makan sendiri’ lah! 😛 Quite expensive but since he is paying and not complaining, I boh-chap lar! :mrgreen:



 Waiting for the car…


Armed with a map, we drove to my friend’s place which was about 25 minutes from the airport. We reached his door step slightly before 8.30am. After unloading our ‘sampah’ we cleaned up and chatted for a while before we drove out around 10+ to Victoria Market in the city for lunch and some food shopping.









 Dirt cheap rock melons and bananas!


We parted ways in the afternoon as we were invited by another old friend of mine to her girl’s birthday party on the eastern side of Melbourne. And guess what was the ‘highlight’ for the party?



 Pony ride!!!!






Darrius was of course had loads of fun… my friend’s place is like a kid’s heaven with all kinds of toys filling the whole house!



 One of the best pizza we ever had…


We stayed for about slightly more than an hour and drove back before the sky gets dark. Autumn mah, so it started to get dark around 5pm. Dinner that night was pizzas from Hot House Pizza which were damn yummylicious! 😀


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0 Responses to Melbourne 2010 – Part 1

  1. Paik Ling says:

    I miss Vic market!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. jazzmint says:

    Vic market!!! Yes I miss that too…the cheese…the sausages…

  3. laundryamah says:

    rental of cars has gone up..well over so many years..i supposed it’s ok gua…

    great u posted the cake photo..gave me an idea for kylie’s cake leow..just one color pun nice wor..

  4. Angie says:

    Now I suddenly miss Melbourne.. It’s been so long.

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