Glennedine’s 5th Month Update

Little Glennedine turned 5 month old a week ago on 2nd of May which was the day we went to visit the 12 Apostles at Great Ocean Road. Since I am not at home, I don’t get to go online often to update my blogs so it is a delayed update… coincidentally, we brought her to the klinik for for 5th month booster jab yesterday so I managed to get some of her updated statistics too.





  • Height – 65cm
  • Weight – 6.5kg


After comparing with Darrius’s 5th month growth chart, I discovered that they grow on more or less the same except that Glennedine is smaller in size. Darrius was over 7kg when he was 5 months old. Well, I’m not complaining as I don’t want a overly fat baby! πŸ˜€



Still on mama’s milk 100% but I did let her tried on some biscuit sticks on a few occasions and discovered that she enjoyed biting them!

Β .


  • she can understand more words and gestures now
  • she loves to listen to her kor-kor talking and will smile too
  • she will caress mommy’s face when asked to ‘sayang mama’ πŸ˜€
  • she enjoyed having her butts washed



  • Can stand up when supported
  • Can sit up on her own with support
  • Flip on the left side only
  • can grip better when we give her things to hold/play
  • will bite on anything she is holding
  • started to mumble gibberish words when she is angry


This little fiesty girl has a very prominent character even at such a young age. She is very fierce and stubborn just like her daddy! πŸ˜›

Another very notable ability is she now knows how to ‘bite on’ mommy’s nipple when she finished her feed. She will bite hard and pull and when I stared at her she will give me a cheeky grin before she pull somemore and then let go! 😐 Very naughty girl indeed!

A few weeks back, I tried to train her to sleep using the CIO (crying it out) method. I timed it in such a way that it is near her sleeping time and just put her on her bed and let her settle down on her own. It was not that tough but due to some noise polutions during that period, I did not really mananged to see any prominent results. However, I am not giving up as I know she can be trained. She managed to sleep well during our flights to Melbourne and back.


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0 Responses to Glennedine’s 5th Month Update

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Happy 5months old, little Glenn! Good luck on your sleep-training.

  2. leeyen says:

    feel like pinching her chubby cheeks! She’s cute!
    Happy 5 months old! Glen!

  3. ShannonC. says:

    happy belated 5 months!
    baby Glenn such a clever girl… can sayang mama oledi!!!
    sayang auntie shannon can ar? πŸ˜€

  4. 2ma says:

    i love glenn’s big round eyes!! happy 5th month old glenn!!

  5. Marie says:

    Baby G is really pretty o. I realised that baby girls are bigger than isaac.happy belated 5months dear.

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