Baby G has sensitive skin

It was baby acne when she was around 1 month old which was later diagnosed as eczema.  Then she was attacked by some kind of allergy reaction which causes her entire body to flare up with red dots which I thought was some kind of measles! Was so relieved that it was nothing serious.

After a chat with a friend, I found the cause for the allergy attack… the dust from the renovation work next door. None of us got it except Baby G. This showed that Baby G’s skin is extremely sensitive! Luckily I did not get any pronexin for her after reafing the pronexin review as it is not suitable for her.


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0 Responses to Baby G has sensitive skin

  1. Allisia says:

    Change the shawel gel to organic type. Mann is using TNS organic product. She is allergy too even Sebamed also she can’t use.

  2. how is her eczema now ? is it under control ?

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