Chili’s Peppercorn Burger Rocks!

You won’t believe it but we have been going to Chili’s every other Friday! Why? Well, every Friday we will go to Gurney Plaza and after trying most of the eateries there, we still find that Chili’s offered good food, good service and and they are value for money. 😀

What do we normally have you may asked…

Well, to be honest, their burgers ROCKS! We have tried all their burgers on their menu and I particularly love their Peppercorn Beef Burger. When compared with TGIF, TGIF’s food really sucks! And they are not value for money at all! The only nice stuff I can give my thumbs up is their mushroom soup and brownies. 😐

Here is my favorite burger from Chili’s…




(I’m drooling while I’m typing this!) Normally I’ll have my burger well done as it is advised to eat minced beef when they are well cooked since bacteria might still be ‘alive’ if they are medium done… unlike steaks where we should have them at medium rare…

Besides their burgers, they have other really nice Tex-Mex food too. One of our other favorites are their fajita and quesadillas. *yum*

Even Darrius love Chili’s… coz kids eat for FREE! They have very nice menu for kids and many choices too! 😀


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0 Responses to Chili’s Peppercorn Burger Rocks!

  1. 2ma says:

    we love chili’s too!! and i do agree with you that TGIF food sucks!! their service sucks too 😦

  2. Leona says:

    I normally eat the Triple Play at Chillis… enough to fill my stomach. Chilli’s is definitely a nice place to dine than TGIF!

    Have a good time in Oz!

  3. I am totally agree with you, Chilis food is nice, the portion is so worth of the price. Last time like 10 years ago, TGIF is always on the top list, now the food quality drop badly!

    Chilis rocks!

  4. Mama2jojo says:

    100% agreed with you that Chilis food is value for money as compared to TGIF.

  5. Chew Lee says:

    agree with you.. Chillis food is much better than TGIF. I like the child eat free part… 🙂

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