Hungry or full?

I am not sure if every kids go through such a phase. It is when they can’t really distinct between hunger and fullness but I think I have one here!

Darrius don’t seems to know if he is hungry or full. One moment he tells me he’s hungry and when I put food in front of him he can tell me he is full!!!!  What is that supposed to mean?????!!!! Many times these past 2 weeks, his bentos came home either untouched or half eaten. The teachers have been complaining too. Imagine he gets stuff like these in his bentos…



Last Sunday, he came and told me he’s hungry around noon so I went to scoop some noodles which I’ve just fried. He ate a few bites and came to me saying he’s not hungry anymore. I was furious of course! So, I fed him and he finished all… From here I really start to wonder… is he sure he is not hungry or he is too lazy to eat by himself?

I have been getting complains from his class teacher saying he would rather play than eat! She told me sometimes she has to ‘feed’ him which Darrius was not too happy about which in return he came and complaint to me too! Wah… I tell you… kepala pusing!

Therefore, I rather trade my sleeping time preparing healthy bentos for him so he will get all the vitamins. Though the kindy does provide snacks but I find some of the food not too healthy (cakes with icing,  doughnuts, cheap biscuits) for growing up kids like Darrius.

Do you think Darrius is just too spoilt? 😦


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0 Responses to Hungry or full?

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Wow I wished you were my mum so that I can get such nice bentos to take to school!!!! I don’t think you should worry too much. Just give Darrius 3 square meals and healthy snacks like fruits & nuts in between, he should be ok.

  2. Charmaine says:

    Wow, love the bentos… such a dedicated mom.. thumbs up Alice!

  3. the bentos are so nice…all made with love. probably darrius just want to eat what the rest of the class is eating. does the teacher get strict with him and stop him from playing with his friends?

  4. whoisbaby says:

    brandon has been like that. he doesnt want to eat the main meals unless i feed him. with snacks he is ok. i think my son is lazy to feed himself. aiya. i hope this is just a stage.

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