Having fun swimming

Our last trip to KL we got a chance to stay in another 5 star hotel which was Traders under the Shang-ri La group. This is our first time staying in this hotel. The reasons why we chose this hotel is because of it proximity to KLCC (convenient for us to go shopping!) and it has a pool which Darrius can swim in!



Well, the pool was actually pretty deep for Darrius but the jacuzzi was just the right depth. Darrius was having so much fun playing in one of the jacuzzi. There was another which was heated but PiggyBeng said it was too warm. There are ponds surrounding the jacuzzis which has some really nice plants floating on. I wonder if these ponds uses any pressurized pond filter?

The pool and the jacuzzis are all so well maintained. I hope I can get to swim in them the next round we are there!


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  1. chinnee says:

    saw someone posted on this hotel. inside looks good too!

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