Baby G turned 4-month

In the blink of the eye, our little fiery girl has turned 4 months old last Friday! She has certainly grow in terms of her character and personality but I am still not very sure about her size though. She looks big to us but when compared to other babies around her age, she is just a normal size baby or maybe a little small? 😐

One thing that has grown on high speed is her temper! Aiyo, this girl is very hot temper just like her daddy! When she wants something, she wants them NOW! Let say she wants us to carry her and if we dilly dally, she will scream on top of her lungs! And worst of all, she can cry and cry (or scream and scream without tears) for more than 15 minutes without any rest! Yes, her crying stint can be extremely annoying… therefore, her Amah (my MIL) has kinda spoiled the little ‘ham-pau’ queen by picking her up the moment she ‘nyek’. 😦




Some of the other noticeable milestones in Ms Feisty….


  • Weight : not sure yet coz has not brought her to the clinic
  • Height : same as above but shall update once we got it
  • drooling more and more each day and sucking her yummy ‘drumsticks’ in loud ‘chut-chut’ sound!

Β .


  • still on Mama’s milk 100%



  • knows what is ‘milk-milk’
  • knows what is ‘ping-bong’ (take a bath)
  • knows who is kor-kor (will look at her brother when we asked ‘where is kor-kor?’)
  • will smile when I wished her ‘Good Morning’ when she wakes up



  • know how to laugh out loud when we play with her (if she thinks it is amusing) and sometimes a certain word could make her laugh too
  • started to grasp things we put in front of her or will try to wave her hands in reaching things that are put in front of her
  • will kick her legs when she is excited
  • can ‘duck up’ or lift up her head as she has better control of her neck when we put her on her tummy
  • can sit when supported
  • still not able to flip over yet
  • knows how to grab the teether and put it in her mouth to bite



  • she can be crying one second and smile the next!
  • when she is not happy with something, she will curl up her lips and pout 😦
  • will not hesitate to CRY!
  • very alert to sound or noise! (especially to the dog’s barking!)
  • basically she is a happy baby and will always smile when we smile at her



  • she needs to bite on something when she is sleepy (eg; the bed sheet or nappy)
  • sometimes she will need comfort feeding/suckling when she wants to sleep
  • prefers to sleep on tummy but can also doze off when in the baby carrier!
  • can sleep throughout the night with minimum 2 feeds in between but can continue sleeping after each feed
  • love to turn her head and rub against the bed sheet when she is about to sleep else she will lift up her head to protest



  • loves to take bath
  • enjoys SHOPPING!
  • still hate when put in her car seat but at least now she can sit in it for a longer period before she starts to protest
  • instead of crying for attention, she now knows how to use her ‘baby talk’ to call us
  • loves to babbles when she is in the mood

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0 Responses to Baby G turned 4-month

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Baby G is sooooooooo cute, even cuter in real life!!!! Great to have met you, little one πŸ™‚

  2. Mamapumpkin says:

    How come take bath is ping-bong? Not pom-pom meh? Lol

    It was very nice meeting you! Hope to see you again soon πŸ™‚

  3. Cynthia says:

    she is such a cutie!! miss carrying her that day… I want to carry her again!

  4. dog barking…oh man! how to sleep well n how u get to rest leh…?

  5. KIttyCat says:

    Such rosy lips!!! Wah, Grandma spoil her eh? My girl doesn’t really like Grandma now (really strange) so I have TWO kids who want me, me, me πŸ˜›

    My girl is also drooling now AND blowing bubbles – yuck! Even the brother thinks she’s disgusting. She’s really naughty because she’ll spit bubbles and giggle as if it’s a joke when I say, “YUCK!!!”

    She’s flipping over already and trying to stand up on her legs. I met a lady the other day whose daughter started walking at 9 months! Hmm…I don’t mind really coz then I can take her out more hehehe

    I’m really thankful she’s a good girl because she can even fall asleep in Jusco’s noisy arcade area!

  6. leeyen says:

    Happy 4 Month old to this gorgeous girl! Time flies! really flies! πŸ™‚

  7. wen says:

    wow, she can understand really well for her age..
    happy 4 mths old, baby G… πŸ™‚

  8. happy 4 months Baby G!

  9. sasha says:

    so fast 4 months old !

    anyway , the company wants yr home address so that they can check if the sales person goes around yr area to deliver the drink for the review. So pls email me
    sasha at gmail dot com with yr FULL address (home- make sure someone is there to accept it or office-if yr company allow it) and contact number. Thanks

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