Mystery – SOLVED!

Last night I posted about some mysterious ‘blisters’ which I found on Baby G’s toes. I was about to bring her to the doctor earlier after I’ve let Darrius has his lunch. Baby G on the other hand was screaming her lungs out on her rocker but I just ignored her as I need to settle Darrius first. I never think anything bad will happened until I discovered this…




Guess what and where is that???




Blood from her toes stained her baby rocker!!!!!

Blood was oozing out and I was so lost in thinking of how to stop her bleeding! 😐

Darrius used the same rocker when he was a baby and we never have any of such scenes! This shows that Baby G is not so girly after all! She is a very fierce little toughie! Despite the pain on the wound she still can take her bath and not cry at all! >o<

Thanks to all mommies who has commented on my previous post for your concerns. 🙂


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0 Responses to Mystery – SOLVED!

  1. Yeapies says:

    Found that my Baby J is a toughie too, made me wonder if it has anything to do with them being “moos”… hehe
    Anyway, glad to know that it’s not HMF or something “serious”. At least you can get that thought off you mind and can enjoy your holidays. 🙂

  2. Paik Ling says:

    So mystery about how she got the blisters not solved yet right???

  3. sasha says:

    did the rocker injured her? or she kick kick the rocker and the skin got scrapped off and caused the blister?

  4. michelle says:

    The rocker material too rough for her.

  5. you mean she was rubbing her toes against the rocker till she got blisters?

  6. KIttyCat says:

    I think her tiny toes get stuck in the holes e.g. when she arches her back to scream and yell? Her toes are probably smaller than Darrius’ ones…

    Many of the boy’s stuff can’t fit my girl yet because she’s smaller.

    Poor Glennie! I think the blisters really hurt esp when they rub against the netting.

    I hate that bouncer actually although it’s airy – my girl’s legs are going to hang off them soon LOL

  7. Oh dear, poor Glen but… you discovered the cause of her blisters now. Hope she’ll have a speedy recovery.

  8. 2ma says:

    i am surprise that her blisters are caused by the rocker!! maybe u let her wear socks when she is on the rocker???

  9. Angeleyes says:

    To my surprise, the blisters were the result from rubbing on the net of the rocker which were quite rough. So, from blisters, they got worst when she continued to rub her toes against the net which eventually caused the bleeding…

    Thank you all for your kind comment and well wishes…. her wonds has healed after I put on booties for her whenever I want her to to in the rocker.

  10. phew…glad to know that you found the source. her skin must be ultra soft 🙂

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