Can you accecpt drinks from strangers??

Last Saturday we brought the kids to the Mainland again so PiggyBeng can go hit some balls, I can shop with Baby G and Darrius can enjoy himself in the indoor play land. This is a promise I made to Darrius a week ago that if he finished all his homework, I will tell daddy to bring him there.

This is our 4th of 5th time there so we are no strangers to the place. Darrius is very familiar with that play land too. It was thus far one of the better quality indoor play land around this place… However, I found that it has started to lose some quality over the last few months. Anyway, I am not going to dwell in that in today’s post.

Since Darrius is almost 5 years old, we thought we could ‘set him free’ and let him be a wee bit more independent. Since the place has some kind of ‘security’ (with gates and caretakers seated at the entrance) we thought our son will be safe while we let him enjoy inside and we go shop around the mall. Prior to that, we kept reminding him countlessly not to go out of the play land with anyone nor accept anything from anyone beside daddy or mommy. However, it was not the case last week! 😐

During our absence, a stranger offered a bottle of Vitagen to Darrius at the gate! Luckily we were around and make sure that we check on him every couple of minutes. We were of course flabergasted! We asked Darrius who gave him that Vitagen and he said an ‘uncle’! We kept probing him, which ‘uncle’??? However he failed to point to us. Darrius loves Vitagen but we seldom buy for him due to the high sugar content… thus he turns very glutton when he sees them.

We went to the counter and asked one of the lady caretaker there and she has no idea who gave Darrius that bottle of Vitagen. Both PiggyBeng and myself were really mad and worried sick! A lot of ‘what if’ ran though our minds…

I guess we will not be going there for a while… it is too risky to leave Darrius to play there on his own with other kids. We are not sure if there are morons out there who are there to lure kids away by offering them ‘sweet stuff’ which might be spiked! 😦


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0 Responses to Can you accecpt drinks from strangers??

  1. Yeapies says:

    ya, very scary indeed. Specially with a ‘sick society” nowadays. Gotta be more careful with our kids.

  2. Paik Ling says:

    I agree with you. Better be safe than sorry!! Lots of sick people out there these days.

  3. Leona says:

    Luckily he hadn’t drank the Vitagen yet…
    There are so many scary stories now… sometimes we want our kids to be more independant but then again, it is so hard to let them out of our sight.

  4. VivianZ says:

    Scary! therefore i always tell Naomi to stay away from stanger, even he says he is a police or anything!

  5. michelle says:

    Where is the play land?

  6. 2ma says:

    this is really scary!! better be safe than sorry. you will have to start reminding darrius not to accept anything from strangers

  7. Angeleyes says:

    Leona – he drank! That was why we are worried!!

    Michelle – Sunway Carnival 3rd floor

  8. Mama2jojo says:

    Luckily you check on him soon.

  9. Yalor….even I don’t trust my kids at their age when it comes to security and safety. Mei Mei just seemed to trust people easily. Sigh. I think it’s better for us to be safe than sorry ya.

  10. Charmaine says:

    Scary experience….it’s no longer safe to leave our kids on their own even for a few minutes. Lucky Darrius is fine..I guess he will learn his lesson, keep repeating, and the msg will get through – stranger danger!

  11. Aiyo! This is a scary experience man. Next time dont let him alone…

  12. Allisia says:

    aiyo… so kia si lang! luckily Darrius’s ok

  13. I do understand you, as nowadays it often happens that children are kidnapped or something. You are right, that you worry; we should take care of our children and prevent them from any bad situation. The time is very hard now, the crime level is very high and only we ourselves must save our children. I see that it is very difficult to be constantly with them, but still if it has happened and your child has taken this drink, we should watch him while he is playing in the yard and teach him that it is very dangerous to take things given by strangers.

  14. etceteramommy says:

    Darrius is so lengcai better not leave him alone next time. Cute kiddos can fetch higher price. It’s a sick world out there.

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