Glennedine got the most!

Last time, whenever PiggyBeng goes to the US, he will come back with loots mostly for Darrius or me but this time round, we have a new competitor! šŸ˜† Yeah, Baby Glennie’s stuff is taking up those luggage’s space now!

Since we are going to Melbourne next month and it is autumn then, we need to get some winter clothing for her. As it is spring in the US now, those winter clothing are going out on sales or clearance so it was the perfect time to buy!

Here are some of the stuff daddy dearest bought for his little princess…




One of the best buy was that purple reversible vest from Children Place which was USD2 only! The most expensive was the 2 pajama sets from Old Navy which was around USD7 each. The light purple hoodie was from Oshkosh and some tights and leggings from WalMart & Target.




The lovely pink checkered dress is from Carter’s which is so sweet! Too bad it was a little too big so she can only wear when she is around 1+. Same goes to the pink body suit which is for 18-month.

I must praise PiggyBeng this time for buying all the stuff though I was not there to tell him what to buy… (if I go I sure sapu 10x the amount!) and he managed to get the items which I casually mentioned to him over a few emails.

MIL wanted him to get some stuff too but PiggyBeng told her that she still has a lot in the cabinet and advised her to finish up before buying more. Can you guess what MIL wanted? You can click here to find out!

Will blog about what he got for Darrius and me later…


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0 Responses to Glennedine got the most!

  1. Charmaine says:

    I love the baby clothes from Carters… love the outfits your hubby bought for Glen. Lucky girl! My girls used to be dressed in Carters too.. so, so cheap and good quality. Njoy your trip to Melb.. hope weather is good.

  2. Cheryl says:

    WOW.. all these items are soooo cute! I didn’t know big bro is so good at shopping LOL..

  3. khongfamily says:

    Wahhh…very nice woh!!! šŸ˜€

  4. chooi peng says:

    wahh… so cheap!!

  5. wow, piggybeng is really good when it comes to shopping for girl’s stuff. the clothes for Glenn are lovely. love them. my hubs won’t know what to buy for ashley šŸ˜¦ hey, not sure if there is any Brands outlet in Penang. If there check it out. Lots of thick clothings/tights for baby girls šŸ˜€

  6. Angeleyes says:

    Charmaine – yeah, I love Carter’s too! Always love US when comes to clothing… their sales and clearance are always so genuine!

    Cheryl – yeah!!! I can’t believe it too!

    Khongfamily – hehhe.. yalor!

    chooipeng – cheap hor??? Wasted I’m not there! Probably luggage over weight!

    mommy to chumsy – yeah wor… he’s good when buying for Baby G! There is a Brand Outlet here but their stuff are pretty limited and quite expensive too.

  7. a-moms-diary says:

    USD2 for the vest!!! Unbelievable. Nice stuff Piggy Beng got for his princess.

  8. Angeleyes says:

    A-M-D – I can’t believe it too! The quality was so darn good! And it was reversible too!

  9. KittyCat says:

    Wah, your PiggyBeng is a good shopper! You’re going to Melbourne for holiday or for something else???

  10. 2ma says:

    usd 2 for the reversible vest???? super cheap!!! your hubby did make some good choices on glen’s clothings šŸ˜€

  11. Yeah, I do agree that PB is a wonderful shopper. What a great loot and some of them are so cheap. Don’t expect that from The Big Kid, he’s hopeless when it comes to shopping for the kids šŸ˜›

  12. Chew Lee says:

    Oh, I like Carter’s baby clothes too. Yr Beng Beng got good taste leh…

    Have fun in Melbourne.

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