*because I Love You mah*

I must say having two kids and taking care of them 24/7 is really not an easy job. Especially when the other half went on a business trip for 2 long weeks! It was a stressful 2 weeks but I guess there are some lessons learned during this period.

Before the arrival of Glennedine, Darrius has my attention 24/7. He follows me to where ever I go. Now that I have Glennedine, I don’t really dare to bring both of them out on my own. However, I have to do it a few times as I don’t have much of a choice during PiggyBeng’s absence.

When PiggyBeng is around, he is the one who will tuck Darrius in at night after I weaned him off. When we have Glennedine, we will all go to the room together but I will tuck her in and PiggyBeng tuck Darrius in. I know Darrius is yearning for me to tuck him in as he is very attached to me. Maybe this is the result of breastfeeding. 😛

Last night we had an early night as Glennedine was very cranky the whole day and she did not get much sleep. She was crying after her feed so I angrily said I want to throw her away for being so ‘ham-pau’. Upon hearing that, Darrius came to me and said ‘mommy, you cannot throw mei-mei away because she is your baby!’ I was surprised he said that. At least I know he truly loves his little sister.

Then I continue to settle Glennedine down and Darrius kept kicking my mattress from his bed and climbing up and down my bed. I scolded him and told him not to kick anymore. Then I asked him why he wants to kick my mattress and come on to my bed? He then told me ‘because I love you mah’. o.O I think he misses my touch which I used to shower him with.

At that very moment I felt so guilty! I realized I have somehow neglected him in some ways since Glennedine’s arrival. Actually he has grown up so much these past months but I failed to notice much. Though he still make me angry and drives me up the wall all the time… well, he is still very much a kid.

I do hope to be able to divide my time equally to both kids…


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0 Responses to *because I Love You mah*

  1. Yeapies says:

    haihs.. not easy being a mum hor? Until now I’m still struggling with that (equal to both). I felt so bad that last time I use to even come up with trial papers and drill Zoey and spend time coaching her before her exams. But now, I’ll have to let hubby do it if he is in town or just let her “rot” on her own. Sometimes she will just pop in the room while I’m feeding and putting JoJo to bed, I will just shoo her out bcz JoJo get very distracted and will refuse to sleep. I know Zoey is just trying to catch back those lost time spending with me. It breaks my heart when I see her going out with her head looking down and a dissapointed face. I do feel like a bad mum most of the time. =(

  2. Angeleyes says:

    I think I still have a loooooong way to go… kids will have jealousy as they grow so I hope I can better manage my attention.

  3. michelle says:

    Yeah, it is a looong way. At least you have yr MIL in the house to help out. Hang in there!

  4. leeyen says:

    nod! nod! nod! i just wrote this feeling down on my post: I’m so sorry! not long ago!we are in the same boat again! hehehe!

  5. Chew Lee says:

    I try to give the elder one some attention too. Luckily, my girl is very attached to Terry, so he handles her more often.

  6. Russian woman Maria says:

    It is a very touching story! Your son is very nice I believe. Yes, it is a usual problem in families with 2 children, when a new kid arrears, the elder one feel less attention from the site of parents. It does not mean that he does not love his younger brother or sister, but still he suffers. It is very difficult for children and parents both, and in thus situation parents should try to pay equal attention to their both children. May be you should ask your elder child to you with his sister, try to do everything together. He will take care of his sister and will feel that you are near him. Besides, I am sure that when he will grow older he will not fell revenge. I wish you luck with your wonderful children!

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