How are they getting along?

I guess many of you must have been wondering how my 2 little rascals have been getting along rite? Well…. surprisingly they are getting along VERY well! I hope I am not saying this too soon! *touch wood* I’d never expected anything positive from the beginning as I knew Darrius used to be a little jealous pot! He won’t allow me to carry other babies or kids… especially my nephew! >o<

During my pregnancy, both PiggyBeng and myself tried our very best to prep Darrius on the arrival of his mei-mei and we kept telling him that he must love mei-mei, cannot beat mei-mei or disturb mei-mei else nobody will ‘sayang’ (love) him. I guess all these prep-talks worked 70% as he really ‘sayang’ and adores his little sister. For the other 30%, I guess this does the magic. So far their relationship is as rare as some gold coins! 🙂




Darrius has even gave his little sister a pet name ‘Munchy’… which I have no idea why he gave her such a name! I ever asked him and he simply told me she is like that biscuit Munchy (some local brand biscuits) … 🙄

Anyhow, I just hope their relationship will be forever loving else I’ll sure be in a tight position! I do not want either one of them to feel neglected or sense that their mommy has favoritism.


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0 Responses to How are they getting along?

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Awwwwwww so sweet!!!!!!

  2. So loving! good lah teach him about love…

    When he grow up…don’t know whether he will be very protective over his mei-mei..?

  3. leeyen says:

    my boy rejected his mei mei at the beginning! but now he loves to play with her alot!

  4. rachel says:

    really like zerox copy la.. very identical

  5. Marie says:

    arrrrhhh….darrius is such a loving kor kor. Very ‘dai sek’.

  6. 2ma says:

    very sweet looking photo!

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