Finally we are done with the forms

This is a back-dated post.

Remember I rant about how slow the US Visa server was in my earlier post? After spending almost 8 hours in two days (according to PiggyBeng) we finally managed to submit the application form for Glennedine. Another mommy who was trying to submit the same form spent a few days to get her in! Phews~ So glad we are done with that!

PiggyBeng made the payment a few days before so once he got the form submitted, he can proceed to book the interview time slot with the codes given. He was happy that the date and time that he booked, he was the first one in line! If I’m not wrong, it is the 7am slot. :mrgreen:

Once we have the US Visa for Glennedine, it will be so much convenient for us to plan for our US vacation. I am not sure if we are going this year or next but there are definitely plans to visit the West Coast again! PiggyBeng wanted to bring us to visit his sister in Germany as she will be delivering her 4th child mid of this year. She has not been back in Penang for more than 3 years so it is only right that we go and visit her.

The plan is to visit SIL then either we fly to NYC or LA which is still to be confirmed. Maybe this will be my chance to check out more places which I have missed in my last trip to LA. Also, this is another opportunity to visit the Nags Head foreclosures and see if we can find something to invest in! 😛


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0 Responses to Finally we are done with the forms

  1. Ahhh….so nice to look forward to such a trip.

  2. Angeleyes says:

    IMM – yeah… I hope it materialize! Every so often it does not! 😦

  3. Chew Lee says:

    I am looking forward to your visit in Germany… 🙂 so nice, already plan for the US trip. We are planning to go the US too, when Kelsey is a bit older.

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