US Visa for Glennedine

Earlier this year we brought Glennedine to have her international passport made as we need it for some official matter. Now that she has her own passport, it is only right she gets her US Visa too since everyone in the family has it. Some of you may be wondering why we need to get her the US Visa so soon since we are not traveling into the US? Well, there are definitely plans else PiggyBeng won’t want to part with his RM450 for the non-refundable fee! πŸ˜›

So, what is the first thing that we must do to start with the application? Taking photograph of course! We brought Glennedine to the usual photo studio near by our place for the job. For US Visa, we are required to have a 2″x2″ photo with white background. We are not allowed to do any editing to it else it will be rejected.

Previously when Glennedine has her passport photo taken, the studio has a blue cloth used as the background since she can’t hold up her head yet. This time, the same happened but the studio did not have any white background for her to lie on (probably it is uncommon for babies to get a US Visa). So, what did we do? Initially the photographer used a white shirt but when Glennedine kept moving her head, the cloth will move and shadows can be seen from the creases.





We were very fortunate that Glennedine did not make any fuss during the entire session but her notti kor-kor did! He tripped over the tripod and almost fell flat on his face! :mrgreen: I put on a collar romper for her as I am not sure if it was a requirement for the visa but it was for the international passport… so just to be on the safe side. Why not pink but blue? It was her kor-kor’s romper… πŸ˜‰ She looked boyish hor?

We spent quite a while figuring how to get a crease-less and shadowless photo but to no avail until an idea came to my head… we can use a stack of papers! Coincidentally the studio also has some photocopy machines so I told them to use some A3 papers for the background. And that did it!

Glennedine was smilling as she was intrigue with her surrounding I guessed. Luckily her face is clear from those acnes too so I don’t have to use anyΒ zit remedies on her prior to the photo taking session.

Now that the photos are fine, we are facing the next hurdle… booking for an interview. The US Visa’s site is in a terrible state! The server was extremely slow and PiggyBeng was cursing and swearing the whole of last night as he tried to fill in the application form so that we could book an interview slot for end of this month at the US Embassy.

Hopefully someone in the Embassy notices the problems in the server and has it fixed else we will have to spend our precious time sitting in front of the PC the whole weekend! 😦


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0 Responses to US Visa for Glennedine

  1. rachel says:

    oh if malaysia got emergency…then run to US?

  2. hahahaahhaa…i’ve never seen how the photos of babies are taken for visa / passport applications. now i know πŸ™‚ Glenn is so cute.

  3. michelle says:

    Hrmm…I need to renew my US Visa too. Hope to hear your experience. I never actually been to the interview before.

  4. Angeleyes says:

    Rachel – you’re really funny lah! πŸ˜›

    Barb – hahaha… yea, this is the way if babies’ heads are too shaky!

    Michelle – how come??? Even if you get it through your company you’ll still need to go to the Embassy yourself to apply for the visa mah…

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