Yummy Swiss Rolls

After feasting for 4 days in Ipoh, we are finally home. This is the first trip we brought Glennedine along with us where she has to sort of break her usual routines. It was tiring but we had fun. In fact this was one of the longest time we spent in Ipoh!

Though Ipoh is part of my hometown, I rarely stay longer than 3 days if it is not during Chinese New Year… especially after I got married.

This time round I managed to buy the ‘famous’ Swiss Rolls which some of the mommies on the blogsphere had been talking about.




I asked my cousin sister to recommend to me which flavors to get and she told me about this ‘sie-dai-tin-wong’ or the ‘4-heroes’ which has 4 different flavors in a box. The four are Carrot Cream Cheese, Banana Cream Cheese, Pumpkin Cream Cheese and Spinach Cream Cheese. I must say these flavors are quite unconventional!




Then I bought PiggyBEng’s favorite – Fresh Mango. The mango with fresh cream filling was pretty generous. The cake’s texture is extremely fine and it is not so sweet too which make it damn yummy!






If you buy these swiss rolls, it comes with their promotional bags too but I found them a little too ‘Cina’ cause they plastered the person’s name and contact numbers in huge font size! 😛

For those of you who visit Ipoh next time, you can pop by and get a few of these Swiss Rolls. The shop is located inside the Chinese restaurant (Restaurant De Mouth) at Fairmont Hotel along Jalan Kampar


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0 Responses to Yummy Swiss Rolls

  1. ooo…they are my favourite. i blogged about them before too. my fav are the chempedak and mango rolls 😀

  2. Angeleyes says:

    Barb – I was choosing between the mango and cempedak but went for the mango at the end. I will definitely go get the cempedak the next round I go to Ipoh… which could be very soon! hehehehe

  3. Shooi says:

    WOW..this certainly looks yummy! Will definitely look for the shop the next time i am in Ipoh,

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