GroBaby – Another Investment for a Greener Earth

Most of you know I’m a shopaholic… I just love to shop and buy lots of stuff too! Though I am being confined at home now but with the current technology, I can always shop online! hehehe… So, the shopping continue from home now!

Beside my obsessions with bento making gadgets, I am also into pocket diapers. I used to buy quite a lot when Darrius was younger but has stopped for a while when he was toilet trained later on. Now I have another reason to go back to this as I have Glennedine!

And my latest indulgence are these…




They are the newest cloth diaper system in the market now. They are a little different when compared to the previous cloth diapers I used to purchase. Instead of inserting the inserts/hems into the diaper this Gro Baby is a snap on.  Which means, there is no pocket on the cover.

What I love about them is the color printing style that they have in their range. They are so cute! And here is how Glennedine look like when she has the Gro Baby on her…




Glennedine is almost 3 months old and if she is going to put on diapers till she is 2 or 3 years old, that will be a lot of $$$!!! Imagine if she soiled them very often when she is teething (throwing away half used dispo) and that is a waste! And using all these cloth diapers will help the environment too… at least we did our part in conserving a greener earth for a better tomorrow! 🙂

And I have to thank this mommy for helping me to carry them back from the US as the print range were not available locally yet!


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0 Responses to GroBaby – Another Investment for a Greener Earth

  1. choong says:

    Hi, I’ve bought grobaby too, and my baby’s fully on clothy when we’re at home, day and night, unless we go traveling..
    but i think grobaby’s a bit small and despite the fact that, it’s more onto the expensive side, it doesn’t contain leak very well…
    at first, I was too ambitious in using it, and excited too, and I used it for night… very soon after I put it on my baby, the leak happened.. I still think bumgenius is the best…, it’s still her night diaper 🙂

  2. chinnee says:

    hahaha…CD can be very addictive!!

  3. KittyCat says:

    I heard the hype about Grobaby too but you know I don’t like pocket diapers 😀 The blue print looks pretty though!

    Wanna sell off my Bumwear because Alisa is sooooo tiny, it’ll take her forever to fit into them. I want to cloth diaper her NOW. Hahahaha

  4. Shooi says: glad i am almost over the cloth diapering days. Dylan is fully potty trained during the day now. Enjoy your CD journey (& shopping!)

  5. Angeleyes says:

    choong – Thanks for your feedback! For the time being I only put cloth on Glennie during the day as I try not to change her during the nite as it will disturb her sleep. Thus, she is on dispo during the night. I have yet to go full force with Grobaby so I can’t really comment since I change her very often during the day.
    Like you, I still like all my BG pockets…. and they are easy to wash too!

    Chinnee – tell me about it! hahahaha

    KittyCat – Alisa will grow eventually, so you can always keep them! I am keeping all those XL which Darrius used so when Glennie is big enough she can use them… I’m too lazy to put them up for sale!

    Shooi – Thanks! At least now you can save loads of $$$$!!

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