A sad start

This morning my dad called me with a very bad news. He told me my ‘ah-pak’ (dad’s cousin brother) in Singapore has passed away this morning succumbing to lung cancer. Dad told me that ah-pak only detected it just a few weeks ago and was prepared to receive treatment this week. In fact he has already booked his flight ticket to Ipoh for my cousin’s wedding this weekend.

Sadly, he will not be attending…

He left behind a wife, a son, daughter in law and 2 grandchildren.

When I was working in Singapore many years ago, I used to go to his place in Tiong Bahru as he is the other relatives I have beside my uncle. In fact I had a few reunion dinners at his place when I did not return to M’sia due to work and studies. He is a good cook and I always enjoyed talking to him and his wife (my pak-meh).

His only son (my cousin) is currently working in Shanghai so his whole family is with him. Now that ah-pak is gone, pak-meh will be alone when my cousin brother go back to Shanghai. Though ah-pak and pak-meh used to bicker with each other but I know they really love each other as they always together.

All his life he was with Singapore Press Holding until he retired a few years ago. I hope he has enough social security disability so that my pak-meh do not need to worry too much about finances… even though I know my cousin is providing enough.

I wish my ah-pak’s soul will rest in peace…


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0 Responses to A sad start

  1. 2ma says:

    sorry to hear abt this. my condolences to your family. my gf’s aunt also discovered she has lung cancer (stage 4) 2 days before CNY!!! its so scary leh!!! the doctors didn’t notice anything when she went for her medical check up 2 years ago *sigh* anyway, she will b starting her chemo right after cny 😦

  2. KittyCat says:

    Sorry to hear this too esp when you’re all looking forward to a reunion soon. Cheer up…

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