Visitors gone and…

I am left to clear all the Chinese New Year goodies! Is that good or what???? Of course not!!! 😦

You see, most of these goodies such as cookies, chips, nuts and candies are either too heaty or extremely fattening! We bought quite a bit of these stuff to serve our visitors who came to ‘pai nien’ at our place usually on the first two days of Lunar New Yea. Since I did not bake much cookies this year, we got those commercial ones from the stores so they were not ‘laku’ hence we are left with a few cannisters which need to be cleared soon else they will be espired soon.

Since I am not a cookie person, I don’t usually take them if given the choice. Darrius is still coughing so I try not to let him eat so much and PiggyBeng is not into all these tit-bits so he normally never touch them. And all the cannisters are taking up space in the kitchen so to make space I guess I have no choice but to eat them myself! 😐

I can feel my body heat is rising and I am anticipating some volcano eruptions soon! I better get some acne medications to standby so I can quickly ‘cool’ them down before the wedding next week!


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