Glennedine’s 2-month Checkup

2 Months & 7 Days

Yesterday we brought Glennedine for her 2-month checkup at the Klinik. We have to go in the afternoon as morning was super crowded which resulted me turning back and drove home since I can’t find a single parking lot after making a few turns. Well, it is free so it is expected to be a lot of people!

Anyhow, we are happy with Glennedine’s growth progress.


Weight: 5.2kg (4.15kg in Jan = increased 1.5kg)

Height: 58cm (56cm in Jan = increased 2cm)

Head Circumference: 36cm (unchanged)


The nurses checked and tested on some of her motorskills and other development as well and the results were good as she responded very well.

She was given 2 doses of HPT-Hib through injection and a dose of OPV (polio) orally. Though she is a tough little girl she still gave a loud scream when the needle poked through her chubby thigh. 😛

The nurse warned us that Glennedine will develope mild fever after the jabs so we were told to give her some Paracetamol upon reaching home. Well, she did not sleep too well and fussed the entire time after she woke up for her 1st feed around 2am+. She did not sleep till around 4.45am and woke up again around 7am. I found that she has developed a mild fever so I fed her before administer another dose of Paracetamol.


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0 Responses to Glennedine’s 2-month Checkup

  1. VivianZ says:

    mine one 3.5 months only 5.5kg but 61cm long…..

  2. Rose says:

    I usually give my baby some panadol before going for his jab…..but i asked my doctor in previous visit whether I need to give panadol or not first.

  3. Back to sleepless night cycle again hor…

  4. a-moms-diary says:

    Happy CNY to you and family. Hope Glen is back in the pink of health for the celebration.

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