Newest furniture in our house

We don’t have the practice of changing our furniture every year or even every few years unless they are broken or no longer usable. Since most of them are still in good condition, they could last another 10 to 15 years easily!

However, when you have kids, there are always excuses to get their furniture instead! And of course we are talking about modern furniture here! In fact, I have been scouting for them for the longest time! Since we don’t stay in KL, we can’t go to Ikea all the time where those cute furniture are sold.

For the whole of last year, I have been trying to get my hands on those cute Mammut range of kids furniture for Darrius. I went to Ikea each time I am in KL but always lest with disappointment as these items are always out of stock! The staff even told me they will discontinue the series! I was sooooooo sad!!!

Then last year just before I gave birth to Glennedine, I went again to try my luck and to my surprise, they have them again!!! So, without any hessitation both my mom and me grabbed one set each!!!!



Photo courtesy from Flying Architecture


I got the round green table with a blue and dark pink chair (not in picture) while my mom bought the light pink rectangular table with a dark pink chair and I gave her my green chair. I’m a happy camper!!! 🙂


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