A little more comfort

Glennedine has been reluctant to sit in her car seat each time we put her in unless she is still asleep or still half conscious. We have been wondering why she refused the car seat? Was it too hard? Was it too straight up? Well, we don’t really know but since it is one of the more expensive car seat around, it is supposed to give little babies comfort as well as safety.

Anyway, after chatting with KittyCat, she told me to get a snuzzler for Glennedine so that the extra cushioning will give more comfort. Since I can’t go out to the malls to search for it I have to make the purchase online. It is not easy to shop with an infant… trust me!!! By buying online I also help with the green study, so why not eh? A few days later, the snuzzler arrived…




Glennedine only sat in it once yesterday and she still screamed her lungs out… so I am not sure why? Could it be too hot since it was noon time that I put her in? Will have to see a few more times..


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0 Responses to A little more comfort

  1. KIttyCat says:

    My girl will sit for a while in her car seat while she waits for the kor-kor to go to school. Not for long, though!

    Check her back and back of her head to see if she’s sweating? I need to turn up the air-cond nowadays when I fetch them because it’s so HOT!

    I think once Glennie gets used to the driving routine, she’ll be fine đŸ™‚

  2. Charmaine says:

    Can you hang something to distract her?

  3. khongfamily says:

    I think it’s just a phase. But the snuzzler seems hot leh. But I guess it’s good for her head support. Even Aerynn now is still crying and trying to get out of her car seat. I just let her cry….hahaha.

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