Glennedine’s 2-month Updates

Time flies~* Glennedine turned 2-month old yesterday.



This little girl of ours is one tough cookie and also a soprano standard screamer! Just like her kor-kor, when she screams, the entire mall will shake! No kidding! :mrgreen:

Here are some of her recent milestone for our record:

  • still on mama’s milk exclusively feeding every 3 hourly (sometimes she can go without any feed up to 6 hours!)
  • will wake up for feed the most twice a night
  • do not need the boobs to sleep as yet!
  • able to see clearly (I think so coz she can can response by blinking her eyes or look left and right to things we put in front of her)
  • started to coo and even said ‘ang-goo’ when coaxed
  • will smile when we talk to her
  • will grip on things we put near her hands
  • her body is more sturdy now and can stay up-right and not fall left or right
  • still do not like sitting in her car seat (probably too hard or maybe she has motion sickness?)
  • regurgitate very often after feed (very much more compared to Darrius)
  • enjoyed taking bath (sitting in the tub) but hates it when washing her hair
  • enjoyed listening to classical music
  • already on CDs during the day since she was 6 weeks old


Guess that are the only things this old mama can remember… hope she could achieve more this coming months as we are all getting excited that she will soon be able to sit up on her own!

I guess I better get PiggyBeng to change the tile flooring in our room too since some of them have chipped off before Glennedine going to crawl!


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0 Responses to Glennedine’s 2-month Updates

  1. OK after this can plan the 3rd baby liow. 😛

  2. wen says:

    yoh!! looks so much like u alice!

  3. Aiyo, she’s soooo fair. Geramnya.

  4. chinnee says:

    she got mama’s eyes?

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