When you bought a Second-hand car…

… you have more things to pay than you’ve bargained for!

My little City is a little older than a 10 years old when PiggyBeng bought it for me 2 years ago. When we first got it, it was in tip top condition since the secondhand car agent has gave it a little face-lift before putting it out for sale. For the price we paid, it was a really good deal.

However, after 2 years, some parts started to give us problems. Every now and then, we found a few drops of engine oil on the floor. Countless visits to the mechanics did not managed to solve the problems.

Last month while PiggyBeng was driving it, out of a sudden the windscreen cracked! All of us could not find the reasons why it just cracked. Since it was an old car, we did not insured it so we have to repair it with money out from our pocket.

Anyhow, we do not intend to sell this car since I only use it to send Darrius to and from school and the occasional groceries shopping trips. It is quite under ultilise as a matter of fact. Therfore, I’ve never thought of ‘beautifying’ it or add any Mopar performance parts to it.


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