Glennedine’s Fullmoon Celebration

This is a very back-dated post!


We celebrated Glennedine’s full moon on New Year eve in KL before we head back to Penang. We did not do it big since we do not have that many relatives in KL so it was just a small celebration.

Since it was New Year eve, most places are crowded and PiggyBeng wanted a venue where it will be convenient for us and for his uncle who lives in Sri Damansara. After checking out a few restaurants, we decided to go for Ah Yat Abalone Forum Restaurant in PJ which seems to be in the central between Cheras and Damansara. At the same time, they were having some abalone promotions so it was a deal.

We arrived around 7pm and managed to find parking at the restaurant’s underground parking. The parking was in pretty bad shape though… the ceiling looked like it gonna fall off anytime! I saw some pieces of cracked ceiling boards and thought about malignant Mesothelioma which can be deadly. Luckily we managed to find a good spot away from those cracked ceiling boards.

Then when we went up, I was surprised to find 2 other restaurants occupying the premise. There was another seafood and a Japanese restaurant. Then when we went in to Ah Yat’s we found out half the restaurant was used for a wedding function… so we were very lucky to get a table and I managed to get us a private room! Imagine those noise coming from the wedding will sure to wake Glennedine up!

And here is the STAR on that night…




The little kitten slept all the way from our house to the restaurant. She was still sleeping when the first dish arrived but started to cry (due to the very cold A/C) and woke up with eyes big-big through out the meal! So, you can guess how I ‘enjoyed’ my meal eh? 😛

And here is a snapshot of what we had that night…




The promotion includes Superior Shark Fins Soup, Crispy Suckling Pig, Stir Fry Celery with Duck Meat, Fried Medium Prawns with Special Sauce, Braised Abalone with Mushrooms and Siew Pak Choy, Steamed Brazilian Jade Fish (actually it was local Tilapia lah!), Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf and desserts of Konyaku Jellies (with longan and goji berries filling), Sweet Red Bean Rolls and Red Bean Soup.

Overall, the food and service was ok. I quite like their private room as it has a toilet attached to it so we do not need to go outside.Therefore, it is really very private! 😆


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0 Responses to Glennedine’s Fullmoon Celebration

  1. mumsgather says:

    She looks like such an angel asleep.

  2. rachel says:

    Happy Fullmoon Glennedine.

  3. wen says:

    happy fullmoon little girl!

  4. Wow! What a great meal you had AND in a private room too! Looking at the pictures, my stomach seems to be growling as well…

  5. The food looks really good. Must be quite a pricey package 😉

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