Glennedine begins her CD journey

I was bitten by the cloth diapering bugs about 2 years ago when Darrius turned 2 years old. That time I was trying to potty train Darrius and it was one of the most cost effective item that I’ve invested in beside it was really trendy wearing those cute diapers! 🙂 Since Darrius only have 1 or 2 wetting during his nap time, cloth diapers helped us save some money as well as helping the environment.

All these cute cloth diapers especially those that has cutesy prints on them (especially the moo-moo cow one!!!) really hard for me to resist! And that is where I spent most of my ‘online salary’! :mrgreen: During that time I was hoping that I’ll have another baby so I could buy more of these CDs. However, the stork did not arrived until last year. 🙂

And now, there are more reasons for me to indulge in these cute CDs…



Glennedine on Bum Genius


Initially I only want Glennedine to start using the CDs when she is about 3 months old as I am still not very sure about her potty timing as it is too soon to have an established routine now. I don’t wish to wash her poo-poo sticking on the CDs! 😛 However, after much thinking and seeing that those CDs has been sitting there waiting, might as well I use them and save some diapers money since she uses about 4-5 pcs a day.

So, at 1.5 month (still considered as newborn) Glennedine starts her cloth diaper journey…


p/s: PiggyBeng should be the happiest person as he can save lots of $$$ from buying dispo!


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0 Responses to Glennedine begins her CD journey

  1. VivianZ says:

    I am a lazy mama… i am even lazy to wash those diaper or napkin, so, Leah is still on disposable. going to start her soon, since i still have those CD from Naomi time…

  2. good for you….we never went on the CD journey though with the kids…..Aidan still wears disposable diapers at nights and when we go out though 😛

  3. 2ma says:

    how come its blue leh?? tot it will be pink for glennedine?? *hehe* anyway, looking forward to see more pics of glennedine in her CDs

  4. Angeleyes says:

    Just dump them into the washing machine…. that’s what I do!

    Darrius is still on diaper when he goes to sleep at nite!

    These are the old ones which was bought for Darrius… I am still washing the pink ones! 😛

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