POS LAJU (Cheras) – The WORST EVER! Major Rant!

Rant! Rant! Rant!

My confinement ended almost 3 weeks ago. Some nice blogging friends sent Glennedine some pressies using our beloved postal service to my parents’ place in Cheras thinking of a little surprise. Our postal service is so good that out of all the pressies, only 1 arrived!

So, after checking with some mommies who sent us stuff, we discovered that the POS LAJU has a bunch of BIG LIARS! One mommy called up and checked on her parcel and was told that they have sent to my parents’ place but there were no one at home to receive the parcel and so they dropped a collection card. However, after checking with my dad, he said he did not see any Pos Laju guy coming nor receive any collection cards in our mailbox.

Then I called again last Wednesday to ask if I can reschedule for the parcel to be sent. The guy from the customer service said I can and rescheduled the parcel to be sent to my parents’ place last Friday but Friday came and gone and there were nothing in sight.

I told Yvonne about it and she called them again and she said I’ll have to collect from their office (in Belakong) by Monday (today) or else it will be sent back to her. So, I told my dad to collect on my behalf this morning.

Guess what???

The parcel is in Bangi!!!! And how the hack they told Yvonne that the parcel is in Cheras???

POS LAJU in Cheras is one of the worst postal service I’ve known. Your stuff will either dissapear or never arrive unless you go check it out in their office!!! Gggrrrrrrr!!!!

Luckily the Pos Laju in Penang is much more reliable…. at least I received all my stuff so far…


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0 Responses to POS LAJU (Cheras) – The WORST EVER! Major Rant!

  1. etceteramommy says:

    Tell u.. hopeless la they all. Haiz!

  2. michelle says:

    So far I have no problem with pos laju in Penang. Keeping my finger crossed.

    By the way, you can call Pos Laju hotline or online to trace your parcel. Have them deliver to you and not collect from their office.

  3. jazzmint says:

    waiya…i hope my 2nd parcel can arrive. i’m dropping it off these few days, will give u the tracking no.

  4. whoisbaby says:

    no wonder you told me not to send anything to your parent’s house in cheras. now i know why.

  5. Angeleyes says:

    Yeah, I am thankful that Penang is ok.

    Thanks again! So paiseh to have to trouble you.

    Yeah lor!!! They are really teruk case!

  6. chinnee says:

    mine so far ok wor (sg.long is under kajang).

  7. 2ma says:

    pos laju cheras so bad ah!!! luckily i dun use any postal service *hehe* didn’t know you were in cheras for your confinement. i stay in cheras too 😀

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