Dinner in Chili’s again…

Last Friday I did not cook dinner as we were supposed to take my father in law out for dinner but he has something on last minute so we went ahead on our own. As we have not been to Gurney Plaza for a long time so we decided to check out the place for dinner. However, we still ended up in Chili’s! Well, where else in Penang that serves decent burgers? 😛

This was Glennedine’s first time in Chili’s but she did not get to see much since she was sleeping from the moment we arrived till we left! It was such a bliss to have dinner when she is in Zzzland! She was sleeping snugly inside the sarong sling.




One thing we noted was, Chili’s has revamped their menu! I saw some new dishes which I was so tempted to try… but I still ordered the burger as I always has craving for burgers! 😛 I think if I continue to eat and feast this way… I will surely need herbal colon cleanse to help me detox!!!


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  1. wen says:

    she is so cute in there!

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