Another month to CNY!

Time really does flies!!! In less than a month we will be celebrating the Lunar New Year! I can still remember clearly how I spent hours baking cookies for last Lunar New Year and time just passed by in a blink of the eye! And this year, there won’t be any cookie productions since I have Glennedine!

This year we won’t be going to Ipoh for the 1st or 2nd day of CNY as well as my parents has decided to celebrate in KL instead as we need to be back in Ipoh on the 15th day (Chap Goh Meh) for my cousin sister’s wedding.

It is good also as we do not need to travel with Glennedine on long distance since she is still not very used to the baby car seat yet. At least we can avoid the yearly exodus of people travelling back to their hometown.

I really dread the traveling during festive seasons as we bound to get caught in traffic jams along the highways due to high rate of accidents that might occurs. I pity those who has to ride their bikes on such journey. Well, if you need to travel on a bike, it is better for you to get yourself an insurance coverage and a motorcycle accident lawyer!


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