Update on Glennedine’s skin problem

After we brought Glennedine to the paed yesterday and he prescribed some cream for her to apply, her condition seemed to be improving even just after 2 application. It seems that the reddish patches on both her cheeks has dried up and skin started to peel off.

I was pretty worried initially and was very tempted to buy any cream that might work from the pharmacy for her. Luckily I did not act rashly and decided to wait. I guess she has inherited my bad skin genes.

After delivery, my bad skin seemed to be returning as I found that a patch which has been gone during my pregnancy has returned. Now I am thinking of getting neutrogena skin id to see if it will work to get rid of this skin problem of mine.


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0 Responses to Update on Glennedine’s skin problem

  1. sting says:

    belated congrats to you 🙂 Hoping your lil girl’s skin problem is just temporary…

  2. 2ma says:

    glad to know that baby glennaedine’s skin has improved. just note that whatever cream you buy to treat such skin problems, it will surely have steriods. make sure you use sparingly ya. take care!!

  3. bee says:

    Hey! I found your website again. I’ve been looking for it for a while, this time I’m going to bookmark it.

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