Newborn acne or Allergy?

It has been a while since I post anything about out little Glennie. She is doing fine and growing each day. She has huge appetite too but has been getting a little more fussy as compared to a few weeks back. Everything is great except one thing which has been bugging us (especially mommy) since we came back to Penang…




It all started with a few reddish dots on her cheeks and slowly they grew around her eyes, neck and back. Some even has pus looking a lot like pimples. According to Dr.Green those dots are baby acne/newborn acne which should go away within a few weeks or the most 6 months. However, it is heartbreaking to see her like that! I’m not sure if she feel itchy or not as I found that she likes to rub her face on our shoulder when we tried to burb her.

Then last weekend, her condition got a little worst. The dots have now turned into red patches. I’m not sure if the Baby SebaMed I used to bathe her has actually made it worst? So now I only use water to clean her face as I feared using any other baby soap will cause further inflammation. I have been changing her sheets or anything that has contact with her face regularly and wash everything with baby detergent.




I told PiggyBeng that we better bring her to the paed soon as I don’t want our little girl grow up looking ugly… 😐 Some more Chinese New Year is around the corner and we are expecting a lot of guests coming to see her.

Allisia has also told me to get some organic wash for her instead of using SebaMed to wash her. Sometimes I do wonder if my diet has anything to do with it… that she is allergy to certain food since I am breastfeeding her?

With all the worrying, I don’t need any phentermine to slim down as I have been losing sleep and appetite! Now all that I can do is pray those patches will go away…


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  1. 2ma says:

    could those red patches be eczema?? instead of using sebamed, maybe you try some oil-based shower. it should be better for the skin as it locks in the moisture. i can’t remember the name. but you could get it from guardian, and its a spray based shower.

    anyway, the boys paed also never recommends sebamed coz he says it don’t really help a lot. personally, i also don’t like it coz i think it smells bad *hehe*

  2. choong says:

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog, and other mama’s blogs too 🙂
    try using pawpaw, my baby’s some of it too, at first, i thought it’s milk rash, but then, it just didn’t go away, and when she cries, it’ll get redder, but when she’s ok, it’ll be lighter… then, she’s it on her other cheek too..
    dr. said it’s eczema??
    not sure, but dr. asked to put just baby lotion, but eventually i tried pawpaw, and it works, i’ve to say, miraculously it went away after 2 days..
    quite cheap, you can get online…
    and i use it for my cracked nipple, etc. you know la 🙂

  3. Charmaine says:

    Alice, you could try using sorbolene as a wash for her. It’s gentle and non-fragrant. I used sorbolene on both my girls when they were bubs, esp Ashleigh who suffered badly from eczema. Even now, we don’t use soap at home because it is too harsh on skin, esp the ones by J&J. If you can find Cetaphil, QV or Alpha Keri, all three are good brands for skin care.

  4. khongfamily says:

    Aerynn had that as well. I don’t think it’s that serious. I’m using Cetaphil to wash her face. And Paw Paw is great too!!!

  5. mommibee says:

    Alice, sorry to see that. I remember Bee had that too at around Glenn’s age. I don’t think our doctor prescribed any medication for it. It went away after a few weeks.

  6. Angeleyes says:

    Thanks all for your comments.
    I’ve purchased the PawPaw cream from Tiny Tapir and hope it
    will reach me within these 2 days.

    We also brought Glennie to the pead today and he said she has enzema or very sensitive skin. Since I am bfg her, my diet also might have caused the sensitivity so I have avoid crustacean.

    Oh well….

  7. Rose says:

    My son also developed those red patches during his first month. Doctor recommended to use Ellgy (I cant remember the exact spelling) that is free from fragrance, etc. Maybe she has skin allergy like my son. Dont use too much of detergent when washed her clothing, clean her mouth and cheeks after every feeding.

    Now my son is free from those red patches. It actually gone after few days of changing his bath and hair shampoos.

  8. etceteramommy says:

    Ryan has similar spots when he was a baby, except that his had no pus. I brought him to the paed a few times (not much help) and finally to the dermatologist in GlenE. He prescribed Cetaphil range – shower, lotion day, night etc. He also suggested we buy a humidifier in the room since we sleep wi the aircon all night. That helps. And yes.. those were infantile eczema.

  9. Chew Lee says:

    My girl had that too, when she was a bb. And yes, you have to watch out what you are eating because of bm. I used to jot down everything I ate and monitor her skin conditions, hoping to find out what food she could not tolerate.

  10. Angeleyes says:

    Oh yeah, my pead also prescribed Cetaphil for Glennie and the cream is called Elomac. Will see if her condition improved in the next few days or not…

    Chew Lee,

    I hope Glennie don’t have allergy to food else I’ll be really sad! I think she inherited my bad skin genes… *sigh*

  11. oh dear..i hope it’d go away soon….she looks so kesian like that ..

  12. michelle says:

    My gal has worst that this when she was a baby. I had to bring her to the skin doctor in town. He is very good. By the way, she will eventually grow out of it.

  13. eMs says:

    My boy also has the same problem. We used a cream called Momate but I have search high and low in Penang, they don’t sell the version KL has. The box is lime green in colour and it works wonder. Just apply once a day (at night) and the eczema looking thing will go away in a day or two. Its the best investment cream ever for kids. =) If you want, I can help you buy a small tube and send it to you for a tryout. =)

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