Back to Uni again?

How I wish I could go back in time and be a student again! I really missed my student days in the university where life seems so carefree though there are loads of assignment deadlines to meet every other week. Sometimes I did thought about going back to do my post grad studies but now with two kids… where can I find the time??? Could I live the campus life again? Maybe not!

Since it will be impossible for me to go back to university but there are still other ways for me to possess my post grad studies. Now with the many accredited online universities offering various multi-discipline courses, it will not be impossible for me to get one someday.

While I was checking the web a few days ago, I found that Western Governors Online University  ( offers many courses online which is suitable for people like myself who has no time to go to the campus full time to get my degree. Besides being affordable, I can also do it at the convenient and comfort of my home. Courses offered range from Business Studies, Information Technology, Graduate Studies, Teacher Training College as well as Health Studies.

I was chatting with a friend over Facebook the other day who is working as a nurse in Singapore and she told me about upgrading herself too as she wanted to have a higher pay. So I told her about the rn to bsn online course by Western Governors Online University which might be her key for a promotion.


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