*I want to go into the screen*

Now that PiggyBeng is back in Penang and all of us are in KL, we normally have a MSN webcam session in the night so that the daddy can have a peek at his kiddos.

Last night Darrius was disturbing me while I was chatting with his daddy so to ward him off the PC I came up with an idea. PiggyBeng was using the PC in our room so I told him to show Darrius the new toy (a mini computer complete with a mouse) my brother gave him (which we have yet to show him) for his birthday earlier.

Guess what happened when Darrius saw the toy?


Darrius: I want to play!!!!! I want to play!!!

Me: Can only play back in the bedroom in 129 (129 is how he address our Penang home)

Darrius:I want to go back to 129 now!!!!

Me: How to go back? Wait for daddy to come and bring you back lar

Darrius: I want to go now! I want to go into the screen!!!!

Me: Hey daddy! I think we need to get a transporter lar! :mrgreen:

Darrius: I want to go into the screen and back to 129 now!!!

Me: You better be a good boy and go out and now so I’ll tell daddy to keep the computer for you


See… he so desperate that he wanted to jump into the screen and go back to Penang… 😛


About Angeleyes

Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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0 Responses to *I want to go into the screen*

  1. Chew Lee says:

    hahhaa.. funny.. we mother also use this kind of bite to ask them to behave. I use it very often too, on my girl.

  2. 2ma says:

    so funny *hehe*

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