A traumatic experience

Glennedine’s jaundice level was like a roller coaster ride… going up and down for the past 2 weeks after she was discharged from hospital. Since she was peeing and pooing well, there was nothing more we could do as her level was not at the threatening/alarming level. Like usual, I just need to continue feeding her.

We brought her for another blood test last Saturday at the Klinik and the MO there thought her jaundice was a little prolonged so she told us that Glennedine should be referred to the paediatrician at the hospital for further investigation… there could be a probability that she has liver problem or urinary tract infection or etc… Oh well!

So, we went as told to Hospital Kajang (a place which I don’t have good feel) as it was the nearest public/community hospital in that area. I used to volunteer in that hospital during my St. John days so I kinda know a little about the hospital. Since it was the only public hospital there, you can imagine the amount of people visiting it… yeah… super long Q! Anyway, we were lucky we did not go that early so we are still better than those who went at 8am. They waited longer than us!

Back to our experience…

After the consultation, I was told to bring Glennedine to take some blood and urine samples for testing at the children ward. My poor girl has to take 5 tubes (about 5ml each) of blood samples and 2 bottles of urine for testing. The MO/doctors were not very professional… all were so young! They did not give me any word of assurance to make me feel better… they just told me to lie Glennedine down on the bed and asked me to leave the room. Glennedine was crying so loud I could feel my heart break! If Glennedine was not traumatized by the experience, I was!

They actually poked her hand to get her blood (now was all blue black) and poked her tummy (to the bladder) to collect her urine. I could certainly feel her pain… coz she cried till she was chocking at her throat when they gave her back to me to feed her. And funny thing is, there wasn’t a proper breastfeeding room at the children’s ward!

Anyway, the results will only be available 2 weeks later. However, I think Glennedine is so much better now (not because of the hospital visit of course!) so I was kinda regret bringing her to the hospital yesterday… *sigh*


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0 Responses to A traumatic experience

  1. KIttyCat says:

    Aiyo…why take her to the government hospital? Better go straight to a paediatricianlah. Poor Glenn! Hugs to you, dear…

  2. Elaine says:

    Oh dear… what an experience the lil one had to go through. Take care and hugz

  3. Chew Lee says:

    I hope baby Glenn is getting better.

    So sam tong to see our little ones suffer. Take care, Alice.

  4. jacss says:

    aww…poor baby!! sometimes we really hv to think twice or thrice bf subjecting any bb/kid to any blood test coz it’s damn torturing & cruel 😦
    Glad that Glen is getting better & take care …..

  5. Paik Ling says:

    Oh the poor girl. The upside is that she won’t remember a single of thing of this experience so fret not. It’s all for her health…better get all the tests done now then later.

  6. etceteramommy says:

    Pray baby Glen is all good now. Oh no.. 2 weeks is a loooooooooooong time!!! You take care Alice.

  7. michelle says:

    Hope that she will recover soon and results come back all negative.

  8. 2ma says:

    i hope glennedine will be fine!!!

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  10. Angeline says:


    Glennedine experience reminded me of my nephew’s. They locked him inside and refused to let any of us in. Not even the mommy. My SIL cried so hard when she can hear my nephew screamed till he lost his voice!

    Same thing. Blue black all over…and worse, he was hospitalised becos of uncontrollable diarrhea, hence imagine how weak he was and yet they still do that! Damn!

    So I can TOTALLY FEEL YOUR AGONY. I really do.
    *Super hugs*

  11. chinnee says:

    all the way to kajang hospital? still lots of trainees also they have improved tremendously (at least they r really polite and nice now). instead of sending the boys back for some test after birth, we went to pantai cheras (also shake head). Lastly we opt to go to HUKM private wing doctors. hey, are really great but charges are very high too…

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