Planning for fullmoon

Time really flies! In another 2 days Glennedine will be 3 weeks old and next week she will celebrate her full moon! I can still remember the day (in March) when I told PiggyBeng that it will be our final try (for a baby) this year as if we try the following month the baby will be born in January 2010. PiggyBeng do not want his kids to be born in the beginning of the year… he said ‘rugi’ (a loss) wor! 😛

Anyway, since Glennedine is our second child, we do not intend to do any elaborate celebration. We did not do any for Darrius too as it was too much hassle. We rather give them memorable birthday celebrations as they grow. Yeah, I have been thinking about Glenn’s first birthday! :mrgreen:

Therefore, I won’t be needing any of those announcement services like the graduation announcements some of my friends used in the past. Gonna keep everything simple! 🙂


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