What I enjoyed most about confinement

THE FOOD of course! :mrgreen:

Since I don’t get to go through confinement again (yeah, Glennedine will be our last kid as I can’t bear to go through with another pregnancy!) I am trying to savor all the available confinement food that my mom knows how to cook. I bought her a recipe book during my first pregnancy but she did not cook much of it back then so this time round I took the opportunity to discuss with her the dishes I wished to try. Lucky thing is that, most of the recipes are quite easy to follow.

Besides those that she adapted from the recipe book, she also did some which she got the recipes from other places (Cooking programs, newspapers or hearsay). I felt so fortunate that my mom is the one who is doing my confinement (except for the no hair washing restriction till the 12th day!).

These are what I normally have with different variation of course…..



Stir-fried glutinous rice wine chicken, ‘Ngai’ Leaf Egg Omelette and dates drink


To complete the meal, I’ll have a cup of either dates drink or ginger with rice drink… *burp* 🙂


Do check out BiteOnIt! for more Confinement recipes!


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0 Responses to What I enjoyed most about confinement

  1. rachel says:

    that’s a big portion of rice :p
    Anyway i agree with u la. I enjoyed my confinement very much cos of the food, served warm, on time..to ur service… somemore with variety..

  2. michelle says:

    I adore the double boiled XO soup…yummy :P~~~

  3. Rose says:

    How many meals you taking per day?? I also wouldnt want to go through it again. The last one I had (about 4 months ago) is torturing. The food is yukky. I enjoyed my 1st confinement, which was about 4 years ago, every day I looked forward to my food…. 🙂

    Different confinement lady, so the food is not nice.

  4. Paik Ling says:

    I’m soooooo jealous cos i miss confinement food!!!!!!

  5. Ryan mami says:

    Can we take plain water during confinement? I only had the date drinks and was yearning for plain water during confinement!

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