Battling with Newborn Jaundice

We were discharged from the hospital after about 36 hours since both myself and Glennedine were doing fine. Glennedine was feeding well but I guess it was not enough as I could only gave her colostrum for that first few days. Thus on the 3rd day, I saw her face turning yellow and right away I knew she has jaundice. Most breastfed babies are prone to have newborn jaundice. Darrius had it too and it took him almost 3 weeks to finally get rid of it.

On the 4th day, Glennedine was due for her first paed appointment back in the hospital. When the pead saw her, right away he summon her to get a blood test. Her Bilirubin reading was at 235points which is considered as quite high. Thus, the paed told us to admit her for photo therapy treatment. Initially PiggyBeng was hesitated as he don’t feel easy leaving our little girl behind so we asked if I should admit together with her so I could breastfeed her. But the hospital is out of private rooms and they told us they can’t put me in a four bedded room together with other mommies (don’t know what are their reasons!) so they suggested that I go home and express my milk and bring to the hospital. Mean while they will supplement with formula… (we really hated this idea but we have no choice!)

One thing about private hospital especially those not baby friendly ones, they always want to feed our babies with formulas! This hospital was totally not baby friendly when I first gave birth to Darrius 4 years ago and therefore I have to stay in a private room so that I can keep Darrius by my side so I could breastfeed him then. At least now they are slightly better but I still find it not enough. Anyhow, I still opted for the private room this time round.

So, poor Glennedine has to stay back on her own to get treatment. It was such a heartbreaking sight to see her stark naked under the photo therapy light. For myself, I have to go through the pain of expressing my milk (only a pathetic 20ml each time from both breasts) and PiggyBeng has to go back and forth to the hospital to deliver my EBM. The amount is too little for her so the nurses had to supplement with formula. However, I heard from PiggyBeng, our smart girl rejected the formula but gulped down all the EBM!




She was much better the next day with her Bilirubin reading dropped to 185 points (she has to be below 175 points before she is considered as ok) so the paed ordered her to stay for another day! It was a mere 10points but the paed wanted to keep her there! PiggyBeng was quite furious when he discovered that the paed actually charge us RM100 for each visit! (damn easy money to just peek and charge so much! All these money sucking private hospitals/doctors are exploiting the health industry!!!) All in all we have to foot out more than RM600 for that 24 hours! Imagine those who suffer more serious illnesses especially kids who are asthmatic and need AED support all the time…

So, what did we do next? Well, since we are tax payer, we are entitle for FREE medical consultation at the many Klinik Kesihatan in the country provided by our government. A blood test done by the private hospital may cost us at least RM50 each time but we can get it FREE at the Klinik Kesihatan. Though we have to wait slightly longer but we can save so much though we do not face any financial difficulties but to get what we are entitled for as ‘Malaysian’. πŸ˜› For those parents who are not aware, our babies are entitled to get all the jabs for free from newborn to 1 year old from the Klinik. Darrius got his for free and up till now he still goes back every 6 months for review. πŸ™‚

Anyway, Glennedine is getting much better now after battling with the ‘yellowness’ for almost 2 weeks. In between my mom made her some herbal drink (金 ιŠ€ 花 or Honeysuckle Flower) to wash out the ‘yellow’ stuff. I’m not sure if it was effective but Glennedine did made a few big yellow poo-poo after drinking it! πŸ˜›




I hope she will be fine soon so I don’t have to be so worry sick with her jaundice level anymore as Darrius is starting to show his colors now…. *sigh*


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0 Responses to Battling with Newborn Jaundice

  1. chanelwong says:

    I hope she get well soon…

    Actually you can opt to rent the photo therapy machine. We did it in 2004 during Jeriel time because the paed gave us option to rent or admit. We choose to rent because it is not only cheaper but at the comfort of own home….

    you rest well tooo…

  2. michelle says:

    Hope she will be fine soon. You too, stop worrying and get rest.

  3. Lynette says:

    Hello there, congratulation on ur new born baby girl! I deliver both my boys at Pantai Cheras, which is not very baby friendly hospital.. But during my 2nd birth, I insist NO FORMULA and they got no choice but to give in. Anyway I was discharge less than 24hours after i admit.

    Which paed is incharge of Glen??

  4. lovelymummy says:

    I totally can feel the heartbreaking when your bb is naked under the therapy light. My boy also the same last time. It’s so normal bb to have jaundice. Don’t worry and she will be fine. πŸ™‚

  5. Angeleyes says:


    We did consider about renting the photo therapy machine too but as we have 2 very notti toddlers at home so we have to shelved the idea until really necessary.

    Michelle & Lovelymummy,

    Thanks πŸ™‚ I hope she will be well soon too…


    The paed that was assigned to us was Dr. Lai…. my hubby don’t like him coz he wore a Rolex! hahahaa

  6. rachel says:

    how is Glennedine now? Better?
    She will be alright. No worries la…

  7. wen says:

    i think most bb breastfed or formula fed also have jaundice. my kids had it when we brought them home from hospital. take care

  8. During confinement….if can eat very little ginger…coz ginger can coz jaundice too…

  9. Yaggya says:

    I pray that she will be fine soon. Dont worry.

  10. Chew Lee says:

    Alice, it is actually better for Glen to take formula if she still have jaundice, because formula can absorb more yellowness and poo-poo out. Anyway, do bf her more often then, since she has already been discharged. I actually asked the nurse to spoon feed Kelsey when he was admitted for phototherapy session.

    hahaha.. your beng beng is so cute… wear Rolex hor.. must be the money he made from visit other patients and of course you too. πŸ˜‰

  11. Angeline says:

    “Show his colours now…” *laugh*

    Binbin had breastmilk jaundice, it lasted for 2 months. He went for the photo-threapy too… in and out of hospital for those 2 months. We didn’t do any extra things.

    Oh Mommy, she’ll be well soon, don’t fret ya?

    And thank you for introducing a new Name to me:
    ‘Glennedine ‘
    its Beautiful and SHE is beautiful….

  12. Sandy says:

    Congratulation on your new born!
    What a nice blog & interesting birth story you have!
    I am planning to deliver in Pantai Cheras as well, btw which O&G Specialist are you referring to?

  13. a-moms-diary says:

    Hmm…I thought all Pantai hospitals are baby friendly. The Bangsar one is and they even have lactation consultants visit the mums while in hospital.

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