My 2nd Birth Story – She came fast & furious

Glennedine was supposed to come on the 16th of December but she was two weeks early… which mean she was born on Week 38th. Initially we thought of inducing her on 12th of December if she did not come earlier but her sudden arrival on the 2nd of December put a rest to all our plans. I was still thinking I still have some time to feast on more food (thought I could increase her weight more) but my last meal was down the drain after delivery! 😛


30th November

I went for my appointment to my obgyn and was told that baby’s head has turned but still not engaged. I was too preoccupied with checking her position that I forgot to ask him to check if I am already dilated (my biggest mistake) so I thought I can still carry her till week 39th or week 40th.


1st December

That evening PiggyBeng called me and asked if he should get his bag ready in case my water bag burst (obgyn told PiggyBeng that sometimes it takes 6 hours to deliver baby even if water bag burst) so he still have time to rush down from Penang. I told him about my obgyn appointment that baby’s head is still not engaged so it may not be so soon that I’ll deliver but I reminded him that baby might decide to ‘surprise’ us. I told him to come that weekend as both my parents and brother have appointments that weekend. Then I still joked with him that I might have the same fate like Allisia and KittyCat where their hubbies were not able to come on time to witness their babies’ arrival.

That night my brother came over for dinner and we chatted about my birthing plans. So I told him about the 12th December thingy and etc… My parents were worried about me giving birth on the 6th night as they have to attend a wedding dinner and so was my brother so that means no one can send me to the hospital (so happened our neighbor was away on holiday that few days too).

We went to sleep about 10.30pm. Then about 11.40pm I felt a small gush of water leaked out onto my underpants which jolted me out of my slumber. I quickly wake up and told my mom who was watching TV then. She said she don’t know so I told her we just wait and see what happen later.

At 12am sharp, another big gush of water leaked. I went to check and found that there was some bloody show and told my mom about it and quickly call PiggyBeng. Then I called the hospital and asked if I should admit myself immediately and they told me I should! I quickly pack my stuff and went off to the hospital.


2nd December

By the time we reached the hospital it was already 12.30am. When I carried my bag in to the lobby, I felt a sudden cramp in my lover abdomen so the nurses at the A&E quickly came to assist me and put me on the wheel chair. Luckily I have my dad to help me with the admission and my mom to handle Darrius. We were so lucky that Adrian was not with us that night or else my mom won’t be able to follow us to the hospital.

I was wheeled to the maternity ward and the midwife gave me a quick check after I changed into the hospital robe. It was around 12.40am and the midwife told me that I was already 5-6 cm dilated! I told her I wanted to have epidural but she said there won’t be enough time!!!  She told me that she will pump the Enema for me so I can clear my bowel or else they will come out when I start pushing later. At that time I started to feel some slight contractions but they were not that painful. After I was done and cleaned up I was sent to the labor room. I was a wee bit worried about the pain later and since I can’t have epidural the only thing I can have is the Etonox gas. I have a very low pain threshold so I was extremely worried that I might not be able to take the pain.

At about 1am, I started to feel a more regular contractions of 1 minute apart. The pain was unbearable and I started to scream! The midwife passed me the mask and told me to breath in whenever I feel any contraction. I was so hesitated initially but the pain was so great that I kept inhaling till I could feel my mind felt groggy after a few minutes but I was conscious the entire time and kept looking at the clock as I wanted to remember what happened at what time. I kept asking the midwife if I could call my hubby but she said ‘already no time. Baby is coming out soon!’ So I asked if I could have my mom in and they said cannot already as doctor is coming so they need to get everything prepared (so coincidentally another lady was admitted 5 mins after me).

It was about 1.15am that I could feel I started to have the urge to push.  The midwife came to check every 5 minutes and I was almost fully dilated at about 1.20am and told me to wait for my obgyn. I was thinking to myself ‘wah!!! so fast????’ At that time I was like stuck to the inhaler like a drug addict… the pain was killing me. Then at about 1.20am my obgyn came (thanks God he lives nearby) and told me I can start pushing after he help me ‘cut’ (episiotomy).


She came fast and furious! 

I remembered I was screaming so loud that the entire hospital could hear my screams! 😐  The midwives like usual, kept telling me to push as they told me they can see the baby’s crowning. I gave a push and rested for a while before hearing from one of the midwives said ‘push as if you are having hard stool’ and gave my 2nd push around 1.28am and baby was out a minute or so later! I can feel the entire motion since I have no anesthesia this time…. something worth remembering!

Glennedine was put to my chest right away after she came out and she gave a loud shriek. I was swamped with joy upon seeing her face. She looked just like Darrius at that first sight! After my obgyn cut the umbilical cord, the midwife took her away to clear her nose’s passage way. I saw them sucking all the slimy stuff out from her nose and throat. Then I can feel my obgyn take my placenta out after which he massaged my tummy and press out the balanced blood clots or whatever… before he ‘sew’ me up.

Obgyn took less than 15 minutes and I was all done. One of the midwife brought Glennedine to me and ask me to start breastfeeding her which I was happy to oblige. And I must say Glennedine is born to suckle! The moment I put her to my breast, she knew immediately how to latch on and suckle for milk! I was so touched that my tears rolled down… 😛 Tears of joy. 🙂 However it was short lived as I started to feel nauseated so I asked the midwife to take her away as I can feel my dinner is shooting out!

My entire dinner of ‘mui-choy-ju-yoke’ came out like lava from a volcano eruption! The midwife asked me ‘what was that I ate… all black-black???’ 😛 So I told her about it… So sayang!!!! My favorite dish some more!!!

At around 2am, I was wheeled to my room where my parents and Darrius have been waiting. Glennedine was being pushed in too so everyone could have a look at her. My dad told me that PiggyBeng called and he was already in Ipoh at that moment. I did not get to talk to him until about 4.30am after I fed Glennedine. He had just reached Tanjung Malim then.

PiggyBeng finally arrived at around 5am and upon seeing me he gave me a kiss. 🙂 Then we called the nurse to wheel Glennedine in and I breastfed her again with her daddy by our side. Too bad I did not bring the camera so PiggyBeng has to go back to my parents’ place to get my camera.



Mommy & Glennedine first photo together


I was a little sad that PiggyBeng did not get to witness Glennedine’s birth but was glad that I had a fuss free labor which took less than 2 hours. It was a good experience of having an intervention free labor which save us a lot of $$$ too. 🙂

Today is the 10th day post-labor and I am happy that I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight. All in all I only gained 10kg for this pregnancy. Guess I won’t need any fat burner this time! 🙂


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0 Responses to My 2nd Birth Story – She came fast & furious

  1. VivianZ says:

    Gosh…. it was fast!! My hubby didn’t make it on time to witness Leah’s birth too. He was still somewhere in the air when Leah arrived…. hehehehe

  2. etceteramommy says:

    Congrats again!!!!
    Wow.. 2 hours!!! Amazing! Were you already dilating when you were at the obgyn’s?

  3. Angeline says:

    Wah lau eh!!!
    You super tak gong right?!
    So pain liao, and pushing, still can take note of the time when you are pushing…….

    Congrats my dear…. congrats!!!

  4. Leona says:

    Wah… what an interesting birth story. Baby is so pink and lots of hair. Have a good rest!

  5. KIttyCat says:

    Wow, she arrived really fast alright 🙂 Beautiful photo of Mummy and baby. Sigh, we forgot to take any together this time. Have a good confinement!

  6. a-moms-diary says:

    Hi-five!!! It feels good to have a drug-free birth right? You end up being very alert and saving lots of $$$ 🙂 Lucky you, gained only 10kg and lost almost all the weight liao. Congrats, and enjoy your confinement.

  7. laundryamah says:

    wow! very geng leh…after 2 pushes ur precious lil one was out! very brave oso..hats off to u! Congrats again and see u real soon!

  8. Eva says:

    I feel like wanna cry when I read your post 😦 tat’s wat we call the miracle of being a mother!

  9. Ponytail says:

    Wow, a smooth delivery. I wish mine could be smooth also if I will ever be blessed another bundle of joy!

  10. Gosh…u reminded me my time…now im still scared!

    You first n second delivery is different lor…

  11. oh what a lovely birthing story. wow, incredible that you are back to your pre-pregnancy weight. good job 😀 congrats again.

  12. chanelwong says:

    same with mine….hubby didnt manage to witness the birth of his little girl tooo….

    fast n good delivery…Congrats…..

  13. Paik Ling says:

    Terror!!!!!! It was really quick – thought nobody could beat my 2 hour labour with Bradley haha. Some more no epidural. Amazing!

  14. Yaggya says:

    Amazing birth story. You both sure look very adorable together. Wow, you’ve already come back to your pre-pregnancy weight…Surely fast and furious (once again). Liked her unique name too. I am waiting for my baby gal’s delivery too and 35 weeks now.

  15. jacss says:

    it’s as if can ‘feel’ the whole of yr labour process as i read yr post coz i can’t help but kept imagining the samethg might happen to me, adoi 😀
    drug free sounds good but the pain u’d endured….sounds scary 😦
    all in…it indeed was a fast delivery for you which is a good thing, congrats again !!

  16. Wah! Being a person who has a low pain threshold, you did pretty well. Can’t help laughing about “the entire hospital could hear my screams!”. Honestly, if it was me, I’ll break your record. LOL.

    Glad everything was fast, furious and smooth 🙂

  17. Chew Lee says:

    Just read yr girl’s fast and furious story to the world, we had roughly the same story leh.. I too, was so scared and panic when I was told no epidural!!! And until today, my girl can still remember my loud scream. 🙂

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