Good news abundance

There were abundance of good news lately. I’ve just found out that Little Pei Qi’s mummy is expecting her second baby too and her EDD is due around Chinese New Year time when we went for a lunch during the Nine Emperor’s Festival a few weeks back. Pei Qi who shared the same birth date as Darrius will be turning 2this year… how time flies!

Then, when we were back in Ipoh, my uncle announced that my cousin sister will be getting married on the last day of Chinese New Year! It will be a grand celebration as both the family are pretty well to do. My cousin sister’s future father-in-law even gave the couple a brand new 3-storey semi detached house as wedding gift! I chatted with my cousin during the dinner and she told me the house will not be ready on her wedding as they need to get some renovation done first. I think with her high taste, she’ll probably have American Standard sinks in her new house!


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  1. sharine says:

    Wah! New house as a wedding gift… very generous!

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