Makan time in Ipoh again!

Though we popped by Ipoh for lunch 2 months back on our way to and back from KL, we did not get to eat my favorite kai-see-hor-fun (shredded chicken noodles) at Old Town as it can be quite difficult to find parking during lunch hours. It has been such a long time since my last bowl of kai-see-hor-fun and I have a sudden crave for it when I knew I’ll be going there! *I have never ending cravings for this pregnancy…. a bit sot-sot lioa!* :mrgreen:

We will be spending a night there and proceed to KL tomorrow together with my parents who are already in Ipoh with my uncle from Singapore since Wednesday. Last night they had dinner in Tanjung Tualang and I got to miss it coz PiggyBeng has got to work today! 😦  I really miss the big head prawns… *sigh*

Anyway, tonight another uncle of mine will be giving us a treat at one of the restaurant in Ipoh so I shall keep some tummy space for that. Prior to that I’ll try to go Old Town later when we arrived and hopefully they still have ‘stock’ available as my dad said the stall next door went away for vacation so very likely everyone will jam the stall we planned to go.

PiggyBeng won’t be going to KL with us as he has a biz trip coming up and will only come and pick us up 2 weeks later. I better remind him to go get our auto insurance done before he comes to KL.


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0 Responses to Makan time in Ipoh again!

  1. Angeline says:

    Yummy! Yummy!
    Aiyo! Why say yourself as sot-sot…
    Cravings are GREAT!
    in fact its the only ‘privilege’ during pregnancy…

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