Why they love to bribe with sweets?

Darrius has been in kindy for just 3 weeks but the amount of sweets he ate far surpass the amount he had for the last 4 years! I just don’t get it why some parents or guardians as well as teachers, love to use sweets to bribe all these little kids when they misbehave? Isn’t there a better way or better item to be used instead of sweets or candies?

Today, one of his classmate’s granny bought a whole box of Mentos and asked Madam Leong to distribute to all the pupils in Darrius’s class. Each of the kids get a stick! I was baffled when I found the stick in Darrius bag and I thought he has stole from his classmate. Though most of them still have their milk teeth but still…. the amount of sugar can be a threat to the little kids’ health!

I found out that some parents love to pack sweets or candies in their kids’ bags as a ‘treat’ but to me this is really a bad habit. If we award the kids once in a while is ok but to give them all these junks everyday, it could be hazardous to their health! There was this mommy who spoke to me when Darrius was still crying in the 2nd week to bribe him with sweets. She told me she did that to her girl and after a few months her girl finally stopped crying… Geez… a few months of sweets! *faint*

To me a set of beautiful teeth is priceless and I hope Darrius can have his milk teeth as long as possible. These pearly whites are not like metal buildings… Hope all these ‘loving’ parents can be more sensible… and responsible.


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0 Responses to Why they love to bribe with sweets?

  1. Elaine says:

    Common la.. I think sweets is the cheapest treats. Few dollars can get big big pack liao.

  2. khongfamily says:

    I totally agree with you. I wouldn’t pack sweets in the party packs as well. Shay has been getting a lot of sweets and lollipops from the teachers at her kindy. I really cannot tahan. But I haven’t talked to the teachers yet regarding this issue. Should I?

  3. 2ma says:

    i just dun like it when ppl offer shan leo sweets. i rather they give him stickers *hehe* but what can we do, except to constantly educate the boys lor 😦

  4. Angeline says:

    Way to go Mommy!!
    I am definitely with you….
    Buying sweets for my kids? Hmmm…. Hardly!!!!

  5. Irene says:

    Interestingly enough, the teachers here actually gave a note to all parents requesting no candies / cookies / nuts into lunch boxes.

    It’s my aunts that I have to watch – they like to give them to my kids. So I have to monitor that instead.

  6. Perhaps the parents were giving them because it’s their children’s birthday. I know Mei Mei gets party packs of sweets and tidbits every now and then. I usually dump them in the fridge and then give them away to my part time cleaner. My kids seldom get sweets for treats. So, when they get them, they are really deliriously happy, like suaku liddat. Ha ha…

  7. whoisbaby says:

    same here. i dun give brandon too much sweet, if i give, only chocolate, no hard candy. Now the dentist told us not to give him gummy bears, so we have to take that out too. she said chocolate is OK, but i dont give him much because he has heaty body (2 times sty on the same eye). i agree, we shouldn’t bribe the kid with candy, not good for their health and dental hygiene.

  8. sharine says:

    I rather give fruits or bread/biscuit as treat… more healthy… agree with you too! Moreover, my girl rejects sweets!

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