Treating the water

When we got back from our trip early this month, the first thing that greeted us was a broken pipe! Water was gushing out in full force for God knows how many days since no one was home for almost a week! My MIL left for Germany the weekend before our return and the person whom we asked to come check the house every alternate day did not come by. PiggyBeng was pretty pissed as he was so tired from our flight but still has to fix the pipe. Don’t know how many gallons of water was wasted!

To fix the pipe, we have to turn off the main switch and we were left with no water to use. Imagine we were on the plane the entire night and don’t get to clean up upon returning home. We were so sticky all over! After fiddling for almost 3 hours, PiggyBeng finally managed to fix it and we have the water supply back. In that short span of time, the dirt from the pipe actually seeped into the water and it was all brownish in color! Yucks!

I then told PiggyBeng that we really need to consider having our water treated. I suggested that we should install something like the MWF filter to do the job.


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