A Look @ Week 32

I entered my 3rd trimester on the 2nd day of Hari Raya and before I knew it I am already 32 weeks along. Technically I have about 2 more months to go if Lil’ Bun decided to pop on EDD. Then again, we are still not sure if we need to induce her as we also hope to have a Horoscope Baby (I wanted her birth date to be 12-12-2009). So, we will see…

My next check up is due next week before my trip back to KL next Saturday. I have yet to see my ob/gyn in KL who will deliver Lil’ Bun as I missed him during my last trip back. I also did not tell my Penang’s ob/gyn that I won’t be delivering in Penang either as I am keeping the option open. There are quite a lot of things happening and we can’t seems to get the schedule set so will just see how things goes.

In fact I have been very lax in keeping my pregnancy journal as I was too tied up with Darrius’s kindy and our vacations last month. I still have not sorted out all the things which I need to bring to KL and there still stuff which we have wanted to buy but still has not been bought yet.

We are looking at getting another playpen instead of a cot to be placed in our room so I could leave Lil’ Bun in there while I do my chores. Can’t just leave her on the bed since Darrius is around. Why not a cot? Well, we felt that a playpen is more convenient (can be folded into very small and handy) as compared to a baby cot which we will definitely have problem storing or moving it to another place later… some of you may happened to know of our future plans… 🙂 Actually we are contemplating of getting another stroller with a baby carrier too but decided to do a swap with my brother instead. I don’t want to have too many baby strollers at home as we are out of storage space!

Lil’ Bun has been doing well. She is one karate kid! Her moves are so ferocious that they jolted me out of my sleep each night! She is so much more active as compared to Darrius. She moves (endless twisting & turning) all the time and sometimes I felt so painful that I have to scream out to release my pain!

I think I have ballooned up quite a bit too. My home weighing scale read 65kg but I have a hunch I weight more than that. I can’t stop my craving for carbo food… I can’t live without my bread, noodles and rice! Though I eat a host of other food (in bigger quantity than usual) I still continue to have hunger pangs or my mouth just wants to munch on something!

When I delivered Darrius, I was only 66kg and Darrius was 3.45kg at birth. And now I still have 2 more months to go and I am already so much heavier… I just hope I don’t go beyond 70kg!


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0 Responses to A Look @ Week 32

  1. chanelwong says:

    time flies…sooon soon…..

  2. khongfamily says:

    Woww..I’m so excited for you 😀 Can’t wait to see Lil’ Bun.

  3. Charmaine says:

    not long to go now… best to be prepared. my second child arrived 20 days before her EDD.

  4. Angeline says:

    oh oh….
    but so long as the doctor have not send out the red signals…
    I guess it should be ok….

  5. Elaine says:

    Wah…2 more months. I am 2 weeks away from entering the 3rd trimester and I am weighing 63kg now. Put on 3 kg every month.

  6. wen says:

    wah, so fast ah… soon, i will be reading that u have popped!

  7. Paik Ling says:

    Ok what…I was past 70kg when I delivered Brad 😦 Now I’m still eating as if I’m pregnant ha ha

  8. constance says:

    65 third trimester still not too bad… i was 69 at 6mths with my first…lol

    eh if only u here in sg… i got good excuse to pass you my pram, baby cot, play pen, whatever you need… i need to get rid of them but sayang to throw.. the only other way is Salvation Army cos they are in good condition…

  9. little bun is a girl mah, a bit wai sek lo. I ate non-stop during 1st pregnancy and gained almost 20kg!!!

  10. 2ma says:

    alice, u will be delivering & having ur confinement in kl??

  11. laundryamah says:

    aiyerrr..be careful leh…dun wanna sound like a broken record…u got to curb the carbos…if not kena backache oso just like what happened to me when i was preggers with Kieran..

  12. KittyCat says:

    Karate kid haha! I’m already 74.5 kg so am watching my carbs very, very carefully 😉 Definitely don’t want a repeat episode of the 30 kg I put on during my first pregnancy. Can you believe I was 90 kg???!!!

    Also, the ob-gyn said since Lucas was a 3.78 kg, he won’t be surprised if my baby girl is around there too coz she’s already 2.2 kg now O_O

  13. Eva says:

    OMG! I can’t believe it u are going to deliver soon!

  14. sharine says:

    So fast! remind me when I pregnant with En En, I also craved carbo food! End result is I put on 25kg… LOL!

  15. jacss says:

    hey alice, how time flies…..u r almost there !!! me too i love to eat nasi lemak & how to survive without carbo, i mean all our foods are either rice/noodle, rite?
    anyway, i think u r not that big lar….coz i’ve nearly reached 10kg gain at 6+ mths & i think i’ll have to shake hand with kitty cat, LOL!
    good luck yeah 😀

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